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Système de soutien mobile robuste

Les services de soutien des tablettes électroniques Samsung Galaxy Tab et Tab 10.1 et des solutions de gestion des ventes sont parfaits pour les entreprises!


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Company Overview
290 stores in 12 countries

Retail & Consumer

Customer Profile
65,000 (As of 2010)
Web-based mobile business support solution;
Easy update of product information; Real-time evaluation of stock and product arrivals; Product shelf label printing

GALAXY Tab 10.1
Develop an efficient business support system beyond the temporal and geographic barriers

Evaluate stock and product arrivals in real-time

Create a standardized web-based solution and various mobile access methods
To improve the POS business process in introducing a mobile business support system, the integration of hardware and solutions has been proposed using the advantage of the GALAXY Tab.
Business Solution
Productivity improvements through an optimized solution for business processes
Customer satisfaction improved by providing product information in real-time
Strategic partnership created with a web-based solution developer that provides different mobile access methods
Mobile business support solution


GALAXY Tab 10.1
The Wi-Fi support of the GALAXY Tab allows you to access your product database, manage product information, and support customers in real-time. The barcode tagging feature, using the Bluetooth technology, allows you to search product information. These benefits have been made possible by creating a strong partnership with the developer of the mobile business support system.
Update product information easily via the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth access

Manage products efficiently through real-time evaluation of stock and product arrivals

Print product shelf labels
With the introduction of 2500 GALAXY Tabs and 500 GALAXY Tab 10.1s in its business and by creating a strategic partnership with its solution contractor, a company in the retail industry has actually been able to access their product database and provide product information in real-time to its customers for efficient business support.