Enhance web surfing with QWERTY controls and LCD display

Samsung’s new RMC-QTD1 QWERTY remote control puts the power back in your hands. The easy-to-use full QWERTY keyboard is perfect for getting the most from the Samsung Smart TV experience. It turns applications like chatting with friends via SNS or messenger into free flowing conversations. It also features a LCD screen, which lets you view what you’re typing and therefore helps in reducing annoying typos and mistakes. It is the perfect remote for smarter living.

Smarter remote features QWERTY + Standard controls

Utilising sensor technology, Samsung will show you a new side to your QWERTY remote control. By simply flipping the remote control over, you gain convenient access to a standard numeric keypad. The technology ensures that the functionality switches instantaneously to whichever side is facing up. Flicking between typing on a QWERTY keyboard to navigating on the numeric keypad is smarter in every way and sure to enhance the Smart TV experience.

Intuitive controls boast new user-friendly design

Whether it’s navigating, searching, browsing or just flicking between channels, the RMC-QTD1 QWERTY remote is perfectly designed for comfortable and convenient use. The compact and ergonomic design includes a sloped full QWERTY keyboard for optimised and effortless control. The RMC-QTD1 dimensions have been crafted with precision to deliver maximum grip, and ensure that controlling your QWERTY keyboard or the standard numeric keypad is as simple as possible.