• With ultra-slim in design, deliver consistent video imagery in high-definition quality, which enhances the overall viewer experience.


Reliable, durable and dust-resistant.

Reliable, durable and dust-resistant.
Introducing a monitor that was built to stand the test of time—and dust. This Samsung LFD is durable and dust-resistant. Corner-sealing design, double-layer structure, and screw and user hole sealing add to its ruggedness. Make sure dirt and dust don’t stand in the way of getting your message out.

Save money, save space with built-in speakers.

Save money, save space with built-in speakers.
Maximize your impact with a great picture and crisp audio. Your message will be heard loud and clear with built-in speakers. You’ll save money when you eliminate the cost of purchasing separate speakers, and you’ll save valuable space as well.

Brighter lights, better picture.

Brighter lights, better picture.
With an intensely illuminated DID panel your message is always in the spotlight. Its high brightness and contrast level make the screen clear and readable in public. In fact, on average it’s 1.5 times as bright as TV screens. Plus with a low operating temperature this Samsung LFD will be completely reliable for years to come.

Stay in the loop with DVI-out.

Stay in the loop with DVI-out.
Enjoy superior picture quality with a DVI-out interface that lets you share content between multiple LFDs thanks to an easier-to-connect video matrix. LFDs used to have to be connected to the PC individually, but digital loop out allows you to connect them without connecting to a PC. Better yet, the digital loop out produces a single image without any loss of quality, and there’s no need for a separate video signal distributor. It’s easy to install and the most cost-effective way to connect multiple displays.

Twice the information, double the impact.

Twice the information, double the impact.
Whether your presentation requires a picture-in-picture configuration or a picture-by-picture arrangement, this Samsung LFD makes it possible. When one image just isn’t enough, two video signals can be viewed simultaneously for maximum impact.

Choose the right view, landscape or portrait.

Choose the right view, landscape or portrait.
This Samsung LFD gives you the flexibility to display your image vertically or horizontally—whatever the situation calls for. With a pivot function that rotates the screen 90˚degrees and the freedom to display presentations in portrait mode or advertisements in landscape mode, this makes for one versatile monitor.

A video wall that lives up to your standards

 A video wall that lives up to your standards
Create the ultimate video wall with Samsung LFDs that cater to your needs.
And because this LFD has an embedded video matrix processor, it supports 1x1 to 10x10 wall formats, allowing you to enjoy total convenience. Best yet, since they need no additional support, the possibilities are almost endless.

A screen that won’t shatter your digital dreams. (option)

A screen that won’t shatter your digital dreams. (option)
When a monitor is displayed in public areas, things can happen. That’s why our LFD offers a specially-designed, optional protection glass. Scratch resistant and shatter-proof, it shields the panel’s surface from any damage so you can use it for years to come.

Upgrade effortlessly.

Upgrade effortlessly.
This Samsung LFD LFD makes upgrading firmware easy. The simple transmission is accomplished through an image file, using a DVI, HDMI or display port. Samsung’s LFD LFD lets you perform upgrades effortlessly through a direct connection with your PC.

A great picture that’s glare-free.

A great picture that’s glare-free.
Whether you have a story to tell or a product to sell, it’s important that your image is crystal clear. This Samsung LFD delivers just that—even if your display is located in a brightly-lit environment. It eliminates any reflections that can disrupt your ad’s readability, keeping images smooth and visible.



  • H-Scanning Frequency

    30kHz ~ 81kHz
  • Maximum Pixel Frequency

  • V-Scanning Frequency

    56Hz ~ 85Hz


  • Diagonal Size

  • Light Source Type

  • Tipo

  • Resolución

    1920x1080 (16:9)
  • Pixel Pitch(mm)

    0.46125(H) x 0.46125(V)
  • Area de Display activa

    885.6(H) x 498.15(V)
  • Brillo

    700 cd/m2
  • Ratio de contraste (dinámico)

  • Ángulo de visión (Horizontal/Vertical)

  • Tiempo de respuesta (G a G)

  • Color de Dispaly

    8 bit - 16.7M
  • Color Gamut

  • Ratio de contraste




  • Manual de Usuario
    • Manual de Usuario
      6.05 MB, pdf, INGLÉS
  • Otros manuales (3)
    • Manual de Usuario
      6.21 MB, pdf, ESPAÑOL
    • Guía Rápida
      1.51 MB, pdf, INGLÉS
    • Guía Rápida
      1.42 MB, pdf, ESPAÑOL
  • Controlador (1)
    • Dispositivo (Instalación)(Monitor driver)
      Win 98/ME/2K/XP/X64/Vista/Vista 64/Win7/Win7 64, 7.9 MB, exe, Multi-idiomas
      Versión : 1.0
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