Content Gifts

Content Gifts

New York Times for Android app logo

The New York Times for Android

Wake up with the New York Times

Free Subscription: 12 weeks ($60)

MarketWatch app logo


All the headlines in one place.

S Pen Optimized

Businessweek+ app logo


The faster, easier way to get your news.

Free Subscription: 12 months ($30)

Dropbox app logo


Access secure cloud data anywhere, anytime.

Free 50GB for 2 Years ($100)

Bitcasa app logo

Unlimited data storage 24/7

Free Premium Service: 3 months ($30)

Autodesk Sketchbook for GALAXY app logo

Autodesk Sketchbook for GALAXY

Where ideas come to life.

$4.99 -> Free

Blurb app logo


With Blurb, every idea gets published

Free $5 Coupon

EasilyDo Smart Assistant app logo

EasilyDo pro for tablet

Stay organized and get more done

$4.99 -> Free

Twitter for Tablet app logo

Twitter for Tablet

Redesigned Twitter for Android Tablets app.

S Pen Enabled

Oxford Advanced Learner’s A-Z app logo

Oxford Advanced Learner’s A-Z

The world's best-selling advanced learner's dictionary.

$20 -> Free

Angry Birds Star Wars II app logo

Angry Birds Star Wars II

Play the game that started it all.

Free $10 In-game Currency

Evernote app logo


Experience the evolution of note-taking.

Free Premium Service: Up to 12 months(~$45) * Evernote Premium offer duration may vary by country

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