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Improvements in your camcorder's upgraded Firmware
and Changes in Specifications

HMX20C Firmware Upgrade Firmware: S2f1n087
01. Improvements in your camcorder's performance

Variable zoom speed

Zoom both quickly and slowly while in the recording mode.

Photo capture in the camcorder STBY mode

Taking photos is easier and faster than ever
because you can now snap photos in the
camcorder STBY (standby) mode.

Mode Transition time

Moving from the Movie into the Photo mode now takes only 1 second.
(2sec → 1sec)
Switching from the Photo to the Play mode now takes only 2 seconds.
(3sec → 2sec)
Changing from the Play to the Movie mode takes only 2 seconds.
(3sec → 2sec)

Editing speed

Editing in the Movie mode – dividing, combining, and partially deleting files – is now faster than ever.
* Caution
- Editing speed of movie files that were recorded by firmware below S2f1n087 is not improved.
- It is impossible to combine two movie files if total capacity of them is more tha