Område med træer

At Samsung, we believe it’s our responsibility to do business in a way that enriches our planet.

That’s why we carry out a wide range of environmental activities all around the world. We’re the leader in delivering innovative eco-friendly products to consumers and are committed to products stewardship throughout the entire life cycle of our products.

Everything we do is guided by our focus on the “greening” of management, products, processes, workplaces and communities. Our green management policy guides and supports the continuous enhancement of greener environment through all of our business activities including product design, manufacturing process and workplace operations.

Eco-Management Framework

Diagram, der illustrerer Samsungs miljøledelsesplan for 2013

What is “PlanetFirst” ?

PlanetFirst PlanetFirst is a commitment, a mindset, and a fundamental approach that Samsung believes is critically important as consumers seek to balance their desire for cutting edge technology while pursuing a greener way of life.

PlanetFirst means always considering our impact on the environment first as we continue to work, develop, engineer and design innovative products and solutions to inspire and satisfy our customers. Samsung is committed to providing a better green experience through eco-friendly products, solutions and technologies that benefit our customers’ lives, affirm our shared values, and respect our planet.

For more environmental activities globally, please visit the global green website.

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