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Our Sustainable Development at Samsung Electronics

Integrating corporate management and sustainible development is an issue of increasing importance in the business world, amid increasing expactations for socila an d enviromenatal responsibilty. In response, we have been improving the process of collecting stakeholders ideas and setting up corporate-wide vision and strategies for sustainable development.

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Sustainability in Europe

We have designated economic, environmental, and social responsibilities as the key elements of our sustainable management. We are committed to continuing to identify our various stakeholders, build positive relationships with them, and ultimately enhance our value for both the company and the stakeholders.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Diagram, der viser, hvordan miljø, samfund og økonomi er afgørende for Samsungs udvikling med henblik på bæredygtighed

For more information about Samsung's sustainability performance, please download our sustainability reports:

Past Reports


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