The Samsung SSD 840 PRO. Performance and reliability at a heightened level.

The ideal choice for solid performance and reliability

High employee productivity is the single most valued asset to any organisation. However, keeping productivity at an optimal level, while managing data securely, is a continual challenge for IT professionals and corporations.
For large enterprises and tech enthusiasts planning to upgrade their servers or PCs or build-to-order (BTO) companies in search of the best performance, Samsung’s SSD 840 PRO is the solution. The 840 PRO is the fastest and most reliable SSD in the market.

Heavy workloads? No problem with unparalleled performance

The Samsung SSD 840 PRO is a high-performance SSD designed for IT professionals and tech enthusiast. Capable of delivering the fastest read speeds of up to 100,000 IOPS random and 540 MB per second sequential, the 840 PRO is the ultimate in power computing, offering superior performance when it matters the most. Sophisticated performance-enhancing features deliver consistent speed for demanding applications under heavy workloads. Multitasking is a simple job for SSD 840 PRO, too. Samsung 840 PRO delivers superb computing performance for improved work efficiency.

  • Industry-leading reliability from the world’s #1 memory manufacturer

    From the world’s leading data storage engineers and #1 memory manufacturer comes Samsung’s SSD, ensuring solid reliability and world-leading high performance over time and under heavy use. Samsung SSDs are designed completely in-house for quality-control assurance. Furthermore, Samsung manufactures all of the main SSD components itself, using top-quality parts and engineering, to arrive at the perfect solution, equipped with the world's leading technology. Additionally, company IT managers can rely on a 5-year limited warranty with the implementation of SSD 840 PRO, ensuring that employees can manage their work with stability and reliability.

  • Increase security
    without compromising performance

    840 PRO’s AES 256 Bit Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) technology delivers enforced data security by simply enabling an HDD password by way of the computer’s BIOS to lock the SSD. The SED technology eliminates performance degradation experienced with software-based encryption. The 840 PRO provides peace of mind from security breaches for companies and IT professionals who demand protection without sacrificing performance.

  • Ultra Low Power Consumption for
    Longer Battery Life

    Samsung has made major strides in power efficiency. It boasts the lowest idle power consumption of any SSD, an extremely important achievement considering that SSDs spend the vast majority of their time sitting idle. In fact, Samsung’s new MDX controller consumes only 40 mwatt of power during idle mode - half that of its predecessor and up to 97% less than other SSD controllers. Further improvements come from the use of LPDDR2 cache memory, which offers higher performance while consuming 30% less power when active and 93% less power when idle than regular DDR2 or DDR3 memory. All of these advantages result in an improvement of up to 30 minutes in battery life over previous-generation models, letting employees get even more out of their mobile work environments. An extended battery life helps employees provide a smooth customer services and uninterrupted presentation without need for battery recharge, creating better services and a good impression to clients.

  • Enjoy rapid performance
    by switching to a higher gear

    Just like changing gears in a car, a RAPID mode option is provided with Samsung's Magician software, a management utility designed to work with all and only Samsung SSD products. Enabling RAPID mode greatly enhances performance by processing data on a system level through the use of free PC memory (DRAM) as a cache. Depending on the PC's memory (DRAM), higher performance and more efficient command processing can be expected, which improves with repeated tasking. The user can boost into a higher gear to vastly improve QD1 random write performance to almost the same level as QD32 and achieve blazing-fast speeds, increasing productivity and hence, an improved bottom line.