Samsung KNOX Introducing the evolved
Samsung KNOX

The next enterprise mobile security platform that
evolves with the dynamic BYOD movement

Enterprise mobility growth is compelling businesses to seek next-generation solutions that can adapt as required. Samsung KNOX is a holistic enterprise platform based on constant innovation in mobile security technology.

Achieve enterprise
mobility with enhanced
Security and innovation

With constant vulnerability coming from “always-on” devices,
enterprises are seeking innovative mobile security solutions.
Samsung KNOX provides comprehensive device protection while
utilizing a separate container to manage and secure business data.
Heightened hardware and software security. Ensure multi-layered security through authorized software boot and real-time
Kernel protection. This improves integrity via forced data isolation and hardware-based
protection with TrustZone technologyFlexible container usability. Receive support for third-party containers and access to most Android OS-based apps.
Conveniently manage apps and data as well as create multiple containers for different data sets Convenient registration and user experience. Easy device registration and MDM solution enrollment to minimize process
with a consistent user interfacet

The Security enhancement of KNOX

Manage enterprise mobility with robust cloud-based solutions

Samsung KNOX enables the effective and efficient management of cross platform mobile devices and content through a complete set of cloud-based EMM
(Enterprise Mobility Management) services. This includes flexible and convenient administrator and user self-service management capabilities delivered through
portals. SSO provides one-click access to mobile apps together with optional on-premise Active Directory support.

The Diagram of cloud-based EMM service

Obtain KNOX licenses and business apps from a single source

Samsung provides a single website where KNOX licenses and a wide selection of cloud-based business apps can be conveniently purchased and deployed.
Competitively offered in bundled deals to control, these apps and licenses cover a broad range of business needs. A simplified purchase and billing process saves
time through compiled invoices and easy payments.

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