Unique Wearable Design

Wear it at anytime

Make a fashion statement and turn heads
wherever you go with Circle - a stylish
necklet attached to your phone that's
designed to fit seamlessly around your neck.

Unique Wearable Design image

Smart Magnetic Clasp

Intuitive Controls for Your Active Everyday

When a call comes in, your Circle will gently vibrate
on your neck to let you know. All you have to do
is simply detach the earphones and put it to your
ear. When listening to music, just attach the
earphones back together to pause.

Smart Magnetic Clasp Control image

Hands-free Notification

Say it with your voice

Circle supports spoken notifications using Text-to-Speech.
It will speak out immediately after a new notification has arrived.
Get notified not only through your messages, alarm,
schedule but also set it to any apps you want to.

Hands-free Notification image