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Why Curved UHD TV

Creating a curved Ultra High Definition TV with a high level of advancement and functionality is no easy feat.
In fact, it takes strong technological leadership, especially if you are looking for refined design as well.
Some people ask us what’s behind the Samsung Curved UHD TV that makes it stand apart. Here is what makes the viewing experience so immersive.

Curved Screen page

Visually surrounds you,
drawing you in

The curved display lets you view the entire screen at the same distance from your vantage point, allowing for clearer viewing of images, even at the corners. That
uniform viewing distance is the key distinction between flat-screen and curved-screen TVs. It brings the edges closer to you and creates a wider field of view so the
screen seems bigger. If you look at a flat screen and curved screen of the same size side-by-side, the curved screen will look bigger and better. It will surround you
and deliver an unparalleled immersive viewing experience.

Wider field of view Wider perceived screen
on the curve than flat.

Auto Depth Enhancer page

A Greater feeling of depth

Samsung Curved UHD TV comes with amazing technologies that really elevate your experience, including the Auto Depth Enhancer,
which dramatically increases the feeling of depth you get from viewing images on a curved screen. It works by splitting each frame
into areas—Background Area, Center Area, Front Area—by analysing the similarity of the brightness and colour. Then it
automatically optimises the contrast levels for each area to give the viewer a greater feeling of depth for more immersive viewing.