Samsung GALAXY S4 Business companion - Samsung GALAXY S4 is your new business companion for highly secure mobility Hardware and software integrated security productivity and convenience features keep you connected for work and play

In today's business environment, a business professional like you need a high-functioning mobile device to handle both business and personal demands.
In addition to superior performance, your smartphone must keep personal information private while simultaneously meeting your company's security
requirements. Samsung GALAXY S4 delivers advanced features to provide high security, convenient work-life integration and valuable productivity tools.

  • Platform Security

    Platform Security Image

    Embedded in Samsung GALAXY S4, Samsung KNOX delivers three-pronged hardware-level security technology
    When you use your personal mobile device for work, security is critical. In Samsung GALAXY S4, Samsung KNOX provides container management and policies compliant with the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) mobile OS security requirements guide (SRG). Offering SRG-compliant, robust security, Samsung KNOX protects your mobile device at the operating system level through a three-pronged approach:

    Customizable Secure Boot (CSB)* is the first line of defense, ensuring that only verified operating systems and software load during the start-up process.

    TrustZone-based Integrity Measurement Architecture (TIMA) protects, monitors and verifies the integrity states of the kernel with policy driven actions in response to kernel or boot loader violations.

    Security Enhancements for Android (SE for Android) is an NSA-developed security technology integrated in Android to isolate applications and data in different domains based on confidentiality.

    *CSB availability varies, based on hardware specifications.

  • Application Security

    Application Security Image

    In Samsung GALAXY S4, Samsung KNOX provides a security-rich solution for individual applications
    In addition to securing the platform, Samsung KNOX provides solutions to protect individual applications.

    Samsung KNOX Container is an isolated, secure environment within the mobile device. Applications and data inside the container are securely separated from personal components outside the container.

    On-Device Encryption (ODE) encrypts the files system using an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cipher algorithm with a 256-bit key (AES-256).

    Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a FIPS-certified, optimized network connection to the enterprise intranet. It also enables IT managers to configure provision and manage the use of VPN per application basis. IT staff can support strong IPSec VPN encryption and Suite B cryptography to comply with the strictest industry requirements.

  • Mobile Device Management

    Mobile Device Management Image

    Mobile Device Management (MDM) policies within Samsung KNOX provide advanced enterprise-ready security to Samsung Galaxy S4
    Mobile Device Management (MDM) enables IT professionals to monitor, control and administer deployed mobile devices across multiple mobile service providers. Samsung Galaxy S4 works with enterprise-preferred MDM vendor solutions and provides industry-leading security and management controls.

    Advanced MDM APIs allow the default SE for Android policies to be replaced with stricter or more detailed enterprise-specific policies. Samsung KNOX builds on Samsung's industry-leading SAFE® MDM capabilities by providing more than 474 additional IT policies and 1,034 MDM APIs. These IT policies support security, enterprise integration and enterprise applications, such as asset tracking, remote control and so on.

  • Samsung KNOX Container

    Samsung KNOX Container Image

    Samsung Galaxy S4 can be activated with the KNOX container, a dual persona for work and play
    Samsung KNOX Container places your work applications and data in a separate area, so you can use one mobile device for both work and personal tasks. It's almost like having two phones in one. Separated personal and business modes are supported by the superior functioning of Samsung Galaxy S4.
    You get a smooth experience no matter which applications you use. The container helps ensure security of business data without compromising the privacy of your personal information. A separate “business use only” area helps you manage enterprise applications and comply with company security policies.

  • Samsung Adapt Display

    Samsung Adapt Display Image

    Optimized views pamper your eyes for work or personal tasks
    Give your eyes a rest and let Samsung Galaxy S4 adjust your view for business documents, movies and everything in between. Samsung Adapt Display updates colors and brightness according to the surroundings and usage, such as changing the background color of an e-book, to improve readability.
    See your favorite videos, games, books and emails displayed with amazing color quality. With seven automatic and four manual modes, Adapt Display provides the optimal viewing experience.

    *Supported features include e-book, UI, Camera, Gallery, Video, Web and VT Call.

  • Air View

    Air view Image

    Air View provides the ability to quickly view data with a mere glance
    With Air View, you can quickly preview the status of key information without having to open up the entire application. Air View makes it easier to enlarge content and photos, preview emails and speed dial, with your finger barely hovering over the screen.

    *Supported features include Information Preview, Progress Preview, Speed dial Preview and Webpage magnifier.

  • S Translator

    S translator Image

    Seamless communications with multi-language business communications
    Samsung Galaxy S4 includes a built-in S Translator that operates through use of highlighted words, texting and even voice command. With S Translator,
    you can say or text what you need translated into your Samsung GALAXY S4, and it will read or text back the translation. Samsung Galaxy S4 is a handy
    companion during business trips, allowing you to easily communicate with locals and make sure nothing gets past you.

    *S Translator translates English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Korean.

  • Sound & Shot

    Sound & shot Image

    Sound & Shot adds voice memos to photos to help you retain important meeting details
    With Sound & Shot, photos you take on Samsung Galaxy S4 can include sound. You can remember what was said, played, heard and seen during a meeting. Capture the entire moment vividly by recording a voice memo when you snap the photo. Sound & Shot features an auto function and a manual function. The auto function records for up to 9 seconds before you take picture. The manual function records for up to 9 seconds after you take picture.

  • Group Play

    Group play Image

    Group Play enables paperless communication for improved productivity
    Use Group Play* to collaborate with colleagues by wirelessly connecting multiple Samsung GALAXY S4 phones to share files and documents. A group of Samsung GALAXY S4 phones together create a powerful system that enhances your business performance. You can have paperless meetings and readily share meeting documents and notes with your team for increased productivity and efficiency.

    * Maximum of 11 devices. Group Play uses Wi-Fi Direct only.