Do It All – From Creation To Consumption

A revolutionary convertible design unites the power of a notebook with the convenience of tablet. So you can enjoy outstanding mobility and convenience for instant
consumption on the go, including web-browsing, communication, video and gaming. But simply add its full sized keyboard and touchpad and you’ve got the heavy-duty
performance, compatibility and creative capability of a notebook.

Just Write And Go!

The S Pen brings the real experience of writing
and drawing to the world of computing. Made by renowned technology leader Wacom, its 1024
level pressure sensitivity delivers the super accu-
racy demanded by professional designers, so it’s just like using a normal pen or pencil. And for maximum comfort and convenience it’s identical in size and embedded into the body.

Never Miss A Thing

With S Note you can easily take notes, draw and update information when moving and standing. Its various input modes (type, write and handwriting recognition)
make it simple and intuitive to use and the most advanced note-taking application to support the S Pen. It also has a choice of templates to help you quickly create many different documents and drawings.

The Easy Way To Stay In Control

An advanced 5-finger multi-touch capability provides a technological leap in interactivity, surpassing traditional two-finger multi-touch by providing full touch control using all 5 fingers. Its enhanced sensitivity means you can pinch-to-zoom, rotate images, and scroll through pages with complete ease and enjoy the full capabilities of the latest entertain-
ment applications.

Get The Complete Picture

Features high resolution cameras at the front (2 megapixel) and
back (8 megapixel) and a built-in flash. So whether you’re taking
high quality photographs, videoconferencing with your friends and
family or using the high definition webcam to record much clearer
and smoother video clips you won't miss a thing.

Get More Done With Windows 8

With the Windows® 8 operating system you'll enjoy the
same high productivity and familiar environment as a
normal PC. You can install and run all Windows pro-
grams, including any you already own, but optimize
performance with a choice of interfaces – either the
classic desktop with a mouse and keyboard or start
screen's simpler, touch-centric capabilities.

Samsung Windows 8 Apps

Make the most of your Samsung PC with All-New Windows 8 Apps.

Full Sized Keyboard And Touchpad

Features a full sized keyboard and touchpad, so there’s no compromise on performance or productivity – especially when creating text-heavy documents. As well as the normal “function” features, the keyboard also has two extra USB 2.0 ports so you can connect extra peripherals. And when you want to be more mobile and creative just detach it and go!

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