SAFE™ (SAMSUNG FOR ENTERPRISE) is a program developed by Samsung designed to alleviate the security concerns of enterprises and employees using mobile devices for business purposes.


Samsung's enterprise program provides differentiated security features for customers intending to use mobile devices in a corporate environment.

For the IT departments responsible for procuring and testing the security of mobile devices used by corporate employees, it is difficult to evaluate various platforms and OEM products available in the market. Samsung has implemented a B2B program called SAFE™ (SAMSUNG FOR ENTERPRISE) to offer standardized security enhancements across an array of devices and set reliable criteria for enterprises through a credible quality assurance process.


  • Consumers

    “It’s SAFE™ to choose Samsung”

    The enhanced security of with the SAFE™ logo reduces the risk of data leakage for both personal and corporate information.

  • Enterprise Customers

    “Samsung is enterprise grade”

    With the SAFE™ logo that meet Samsung's internal quality assurance criteria reduce the certification efforts of IT managers to validate the security of each device. With a consistent set of security capabilities across all with the SAFE™ logo, feature fragmentation is dramatically reduced.

  • Carriers

    “Samsung is breaking down walls”

    Carriers can expand their device portfolio for the B2B market with the SAFE™ logo that provide more robust security features than other OS platforms or generic Android. SAFE™ can become a simple framework for training a carrier's B2B sales force.

  • SAFE™ Solution Partners

    QA Process adds certification and more practical value

    With Samsung and its solution partners jointly implementing the Quality Assurance Process, Solution Partners can build additional credibility for their products and effectively publicize the excellence of their solutions in the market.

SAFE™ Framework

Enterprise-ready Platform

Samsung’s enterprise-ready platform provides a higher level of enhanced security,
which is constantly being advanced developed and strengthened.

  • Exchange ActiveSync
    EAS (Exchange ActiveSync)
    Samsung has enhanced EAS support to offer the most comprehensive implementation among Android mobile devices with extensive email, contacts, calendar and other advanced features.
  • Virtual Private Network
    VPN (Virtual Private Network)
    Samsung works with a number of leading VPN providers to enable IP-based encryption for secure, consistent access to critical enterprise assets via Wi-Fi and cellular network connections. Both SSL and IPSec based VPN solutions are supported.
  • On Device Encryption
    ODE (On Device Encryption)
    With state of the art, AES256-bit encryption, ODE helps prevent unauthorized access to data stored locally on the device, including the microSD® storage card.
  • Mobile Device Management
    MDM (Mobile Device Management)
    MDM enables efficient and secure management of corporate mobiles deployed outside the company. Working with leading third-party MDM providers, Samsung offers solutions that address even the most challenging management and security concerns.
Credible Partner Ecosystem Credible Partner Ecosystem

The credible partner ecosystem is a subset of SEAP. SEAP partners who developed, are developing, or plan to develop differentiated SAFE™ applications on Samsung devices can be registered with the credible partner ecosystem by invitation only. Samsung provides both the quality assurance process and joint marketing opportunities to credible partner ecosystem members.

See our current partners.
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Solution Mobile@Work Afaria Mobicontrol AirWatch Anyconnect
United States of America MobileIron
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Korea MobileIron
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United Kingdom MobileIron
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For more local partners, please contact your local Samsung team.
Quality Assurance Process Quality Assurance Process

Samsung provides an in-house quality assurance process for partner
solutions that have been integrated into the enterprise-ready platform.

The quality assurance process criteria encompass various tests to ensure interoperability
between those solutions and Samsung devices. This allows corporate IT departments to easily
select devices that have been tested to support critical security criteria defined by Samsung. The
solutions validated through the quality assurance process will continue to expand.

Samsung provides the Quality Assurance Process according to its own internal criteria, Samsung is not
liable nor does it offer a guarantee concerning functionality or features for Credible Partner Ecosystem.

Disclaimer of Warranties : EXCEPT AS OTHERWISE PROVIDED IN THE SAMSUNG DEVICE’S STANDARD END USER LICENSE AND WARRANTY, TO THE FULL EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. AND ITS AFFILIATES (COLLECTIVELY REFERRED TO HEREIN AS THE “SAMSUNG ENTITIES”) EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, INTEROPERABILITY OR NON-INFRINGEMENT, WITH RESPECT TO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SECURITY PROTECTION, SAFE™ DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS TESTED WITH SAFE™ DEVICES. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, IN NO EVENT SHALL THE SAMSUNG ENTITIES BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, PUNITIVE, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER WITH RESPECT TO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SECURITY PROTECTION, SAFE™ DEVICES OR APPLICATIONS TESTED WITH SAFE™ DEVICES. NOTHING IN THE PREVIOUS SENTENCE OPERATES TO LIMIT THE SAMSUNG ENTITIES’ LIABILITY FOR DEATH OR PERSONAL INJURY CAUSED BY THEIR NEGLIGENCE OR FOR FRAUD. In addition, information technology security protection will be affected by features or functionality associated with, among other things the e-mail platform, master data management, and virtual private network solutions selected by the software provider, solution provider or user. Choice of an e-mail, master data management, and virtual private network solution is at the sole discretion of the software provider, solution provider or user and any associated effect on information technology security protection is solely the responsibility of the software provider, solution provider or user. For complete statement of warranty disclaimer, please refer to