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Manuel de l'utilisateur

8.81 MB, pdf, Anglais


Autres manuels


  • Guide d'installation

    All OS, 0.01MB, zip, Multilingue

    Version : Lightroom 4.4.1

    2013.07.03 tooltipbox

    Fermer la fenêtre d'info-bulle
    1. Title - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom S/W Ver. 4.4.1
    2. Applicable Model - NX300, NX2000, NX1100
    *Please download and update your program
    *OPEN attached file - You can find URL address

    [Improved items of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Ver. 4.4.1]
    - Enhanced NX300, NX2000, NX1100 RAW picture quality

    [download URL]
    - Windows:
    - Mac.:


  • Fichier de mise à niveau

    All OS, 240.89 MB, zip, Multilingue

    Version : 1.43

    2014.08.08 tooltipbox

    Fermer la fenêtre d'info-bulle
    1. Title - NX300 firmware v1.43
    2. Carrier or Corporate Customer - Open market
    3. Description
    [Caution] During upgrading firmware, a camera turns itself on and off 3 times.
    Do not cut off the power and Do not remove battery before complete message.

    1.Improved 16-50mm-PWZ 16mm position movie recording intermittent line noise
    2.Revision Open Source Licenses

    1.Improved movie playback sound performance

    1.Add Wi-Fi Privacy Lock function
    2.Revision Open Source Licenses

    1.Adding Shunt down Action option of Sensor Cleaning
    2.Adding DMF Responsiveness option (support lens 18-55mm-III, 16-50mm)
    3.16-50mm S and Power zoom lens compatability
    - Improved AF performance and color shading
    - Power zoom lens, zoom speed changing option
    - Power zoom lens, movie recording touch-zoom function option
    - Power zoom lens, display focal-length option

    1.Fixed vertical noise on the left side after upgrade v1.33

    1.Remote ViewFinder - add touch AF function
    2.Remote ViewFinder - add streaming quality option
    3.Improved connection speed of android smart phone
    (Please use latest version of Upgrade Smart Camera App)
    4.Improved Movie recording(Framing Mode ON)
    5.Improved 60mm,85mm lens full time manual focus performance

    1.Improved image quality
    2.Improved LCD review
    3.Reboot NX300 - Do not reset value of Slide show options

    1.Improved recognition issue of 18-55mm lens re-mount many times under power on condition
    2.Improved application issue of Playback-Editing photos-color temperature -1000K
    3.Improved Movie Header Information error
    4.Improved reset F number after execution power save and power on
    Guide de mise à niveau

    All OS, 0.28 MB, pdf, Multilingue

    Version : 1.0


    Fichier de mise à niveau de l'objectif

    All OS, 0.37 MB, zip, Multilingue

    Version : 140311

    2014.06.09 tooltipbox

    Fermer la fenêtre d'info-bulle
    This is the latest LENS firmware package.
    To maximize improved firmware performance, body firmware should be the latest version.

    1. 18-55mm-III (v1.11)
    - Improved OIS performance
    - Improved the DMF sense of rotation for MF ring
    - Add new function for NX30 - Enable 3 steps control of DMF sensitivity

    2. 18-55mm-I (v1.20), 18-55mm-II_iFn (v1.10),
    20-50mm-I (v1.10), 20-50mm-II (v1.00), 20mm (v1.10),
    50-200mm-I (v1.20), 50-200mm-II_iFn (v1.10)
    - Change the sense of rotation for MF Ring. (Opposite position)
    - Reduce the Current consumption when lens operated.
    - Improved infinity AF(Auto Focus) accuracy at fireworks mode.

    3. 18-200mm (v1.10)
    - Improved NX200 movie mode aperture noise
    - Improved OIS current and noise

    4. 30mm (v1.22)
    - Intermittent failure of DMF that occurs when user press half shutter is fixed.
    - Accuracy of auto focus has been improved.

    5. 85mm (v1.10)
    - Back focusing problem of small aperture is fixed.

    [How to check the Lens firmware version]
    Please select the menu in the following order.
    Menu -> Setup -> Device information

    [How to update the Lens firmware]
    1) Download the lens firmware file into the root directory of the SD memory card.
    - When you upgrade the lens firmware, the lens which you upgrade must be attached on the camera.
    - If you can not attach the lens to the camera, you can not not upgrade it.
    - The file name of lens firmware is ''lens.bin''
    - If there is a difference between attached lens and lens firmware file, you can find the ''File Error'' message.
    2) Insert the SD card on which the lens firmware file is to be saved and then turn on the camera.
    3) Please select the menu in the following order.
    Menu -> Setup -> Device Information -> Firmware Update -> Lens Firmware -> ''Yes''

caractéristiques techniques

Dimensions de EV-NX300ZBSTFR

Capteur image

  • Type
  • Taille du Capteur
  • Pixels effectifs
    Approx 20.3
  • Total Pixel
    Approx 21.6
  • Filtre couleurs
    RGB Primary Color Filter


  • Mount
    Samsung NX
  • Usable Lens
    Samsung Lenses for Samsung NX Mount


Stabilisation de l'image

  • Type
    Lens Shift (Depends on Lens)
  • Mode
    OIS Mode1 / Mode2 / OFF

Correction de distorsion

  • Correction de distorsion
    LDC On / Off (depends on Lens)


  • i-Function
    i-Depth, i-Zoom (x1.2, 1.4, 1.7, 2.0)


  • Type
    AMOLED with Touch (C-type Touch Control Enabled) and Tilt (Up 90°, Down 45°)
  • Taille
    84.0mm (3.31")
  • Résolution
    WVGA ( 800X480 ) 768k dots (Pentile)
  • Couverture
    Approx 100
  • Guide affichage

Mise au point

  • Type
    Phase Detection & Contrast AF
  • Point de mise au point
    Total AF Point : 105points (Phase Detection AF), 247points (Contrast AF) / Selection : 1point ( Free selection ) / Multi : Normal 21(3x7)points (Cross point 1), Closeup 35points / Face Detection : Max. 10 faces
  • Mode
    Single AF, Continuous AF, MF, Touch AF&Shutter
  • Lampe assitance auto focus


  • Vitesse
    Auto:1/6000sec. ~ 30sec.Manual:1/6000sec. ~ 30sec. (1/3EV step).Bulb ( Limit time : 4min. )


  • Système de mesure
    TTL 221(17x13) Block segment. Metering : Multi, Center-weighted, Spot. Metering range : EV 0-18 (ISO 100 · 30mm, F2)
  • Compensation
    ±3 EV (1/3EV step)
  • Blocage exposition
    CUSTOM Key applicable
  • Equivalent ISO
    Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, 25600 (1 or 1/3EV step).* AUTO ISO upper level is selectable. (Up to ISO3200)

Mode de prise de vue

  • Mode
    Single, Continuous, Burst (5M size only), Self-timer, Bracket (AE/WB/PW)
  • Continu
    JPEG : High(8.6fps) , Normal(up to 5fps) selectable. Burst : 10, 15, 30fps selectable, 30 shots by 1 release. RAW : High(8.6fps), Normal(up to 5fps) selectable
  • Mode bracketing
    Auto Exposure Bracket (±3EV), WB, PW
  • Retardateur
    2 - 30sec. (1sec. step)


  • Type
    External Flash only (Bundle with SEF8A)
  • Mode
    Smart Flash, Auto, Auto+Red-eye reduction, Fill-in, Fill-in+Red-eye reduction, 1st Curtain, 2nd Curtain, Off
  • Nombre guide
    8 (at ISO 100) (SEF8A)
  • Couverture angulaire
    28mm wide-angle (Equivalent to 35mm)
  • Vitesse de synchronisation
    Less than 1/180
  • Compensation flash
    -2 - +2EV (1/2EV step)
  • Flash externe
    Samsung External Flash available
  • Synchro (flash)
    Hot Shoe

Balance des Blancs

  • Réglage du micro
    each 7 steps in Amber / Blue / Green / Magenta axis
  • Mode
    Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent (W, N, D), Tungsten, Flash, Custom, K(Manual)

Dynamic Range Expansion

  • Dynamic Range Expansion
    OFF / Smart Range+ / HDR


  • Assistant images
    Standard, Vivid, Portrait, Landscape, Forest, Retro, Cool, Calm, Classic, Custom (1~3)
  • Filtre intelligent
    Vignetting, Minature, Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Wash Drawing, Oil Sketch, Ink Sketch, Acryl, Negative, Selective Color (R/G/B/Y 4 Colors)


  • Mode
    Smart Auto, Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual, Lens Priority, Smart
  • Intelligent
    Beauty Face, Landscape, Macro, Action Freeze, Rich Tone, Panorama, Waterfall, Silhouette, Sunset, Night, Fireworks, Light Trace, Creative Shot, Best Face
  • Taille de l'image
    JPEG (3:2):20.0M (5472x3648), 10.1M (3888x2592), 5.9M (2976x1984), 2.0M (1728x1152), 5.0M (2736x1824): Burst mode only / JPEG (16:9):16.9M (5472x3080), 7.8M (3712x2088), 4.9M (2944x1656), 2.1M (1920x1080) / JPEG (1:1):13.3M (3648x3648), 7.0M (2640x2640), 4.0M (2000x2000), 1.1M (1024x1024) / RAW : 20.0M (5472x3648) * 3D Lens Image Size : JPEG (16:9) 4.1M (2688x1512), (16:9) 2.1M (1920x1080)
  • Qualité
    Super fine , Fine, Normal
  • Espace colorimétrique
    sRGB / Adobe RGB


  • Format
    MP4 (H.264)
  • Compression
    Movie : H.264 , Sound : AAC
  • Mode
    Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual
  • Taille de l'image
    1920x1080, 1920x810, 1280x720 , 640x480, 320x240 for Sharing
  • Vitesse
    60fps, 30fps, 24fps(1920x810 Only), 15fps (available only with some Smart Filter options)
  • Multi-Motion Recording
    x0.25 (640, 320 only), x0.5 (1280, 640, 320 only), x5, x10, x20
  • Qualité
    High Quality , Normal
  • Son
    Stereo Sound

Affichage image

  • Type
    Single image, Thumbnails (15/28 images), Slide show, Movie


  • Capture
    Smart Filter, Red-eye fix, Resize, Rotate, Face Retouch, Brightness, Contrast
  • Vidéo
    Still Image Capture, Time Trimming


  • Support externe
    SD, SDHC, SDXC, UHS-1 Support
  • Capacité (2Go)
    20.0M : RAW 69, 20.0M (3:2) : Super Fine 151, Fine 179, Normal 218, 10.1M (3:2) : Super Fine 276, Fine 321, Normal 384, 5.9M (3:2) : Super Fine 423, Fine 484, Normal 565, 2.0M (3:2) : Super Fine 845, Fine 923, Normal 1016, Burst (5.0M) : Super Fine 479, Fine 545, Normal 631, 16.9M (16:9) : Super Fine 177, Fine 208, Normal 252, 7.8M (16:9) : Super Fine 343, Fine 396, Normal 467, 4.9M (16:9) : Super Fine 487, Fine 553, Normal 640, 2.1M (16:9) : Super Fine 827, Fine 905, Normal 999, 13.3M (1:1) : Super Fine 218, Fine 255, Normal 307, 7.0M (1:1) : Super Fine 373, Fine 429, Normal 504, 4.0M (1:1) : Super Fine 559, Fine 630, Normal 721, 1.1M (1:1) : Super Fine 1111, Fine 1180, Normal 1258, Movie : 1920x1080 60p: High Quality 10m 10s, Normal 12m 43s, 1920x1080 30p : High Quality 17m 41s, Normal 22m 9s, 1920x810 24p : High Quality 21m 35s, Normal 27m 2s, 1280x720 60p :High Quality 16m 51s, Normal 21m 6s, 1280x720 30p : High Quality 29m 11s, Normal 36m 35s, 640x480 30p : High Quality 120m 47s, Normal 153m 30s, 320x240 30p : High Quality 218m 48s, Normal 278m 24s, ※ These figures are measure under the Samsung standard.


  • Langages
    29 Languages (Korean, English, Danish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Czech, French, Portuguese, Polish, Finnish, Russian, Norsk, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Hebrew, Thai, Greek, Hungarian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian,Serbian, Croatian)

Réseau et connectivité sans fil

  • Wi-Fi
    IEEE 802.11b/g/n support Dual Channel . AutoShare . SNS & Cloud . Auto Backup . Remote Viewfinder . Mobile Link . Wi-Fi Direct . AllSharePlay . Email
  • NFC


  • Connecteur de sortie numérique
    USB 2.0 (micro USB Jack)
  • Video Out
  • External Release


  • Capacité
    Rechargeable battery : BP1130 (1130mAh)
  • Chargement
    DC 5.0V, 1A via Micro USB port
  • Temps de capture d'image
    165 min / 330 shots (CIPA Standard)

Spécifications physiques

  • Dimensions (WxHxD)
    122 x 63.7 x 40.7
  • Poids

Environnement d'exploitation

  • Température de fonctionnement
    0 - 40
  • Humidité de fonctionnement
    5 - 85


  • Application
    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, iLauncher

Configuration système requise

  • Windows
    Intel® i5 3.3GHz or Higher, AMD Phenom™ II x4 3.2GHz or higher, Minimum 512MB RAM (1GB or more recommended), Windows XP SP2 / Vista / 7 / 8, 250MB of available hard-disk space (1GB and above recommend), USB 2.0 port, CD-ROM drive, nVIDIA Geforce 7600GT or higher / ATI X1600 series or higher, 1024×768 pixels, 16-bit color display compatible monitor, (1280x1024, 32-bit color display recommended), Microsoft DirectX 9.0c or later
  • Macintosh
    Mac OS 10.5 or higher (except PowerPC), Minimum 256MB RAM (512MB or more recommended), Minimum 110MB of available hard-disk space, USB 2.0 port, CD-ROM drive

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