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SAMSUNG, a leader for decades in the air conditioner business both domestically and abroad, entered the rotary compressor business in 1989 by establishing world-class production facilities that use the most advanced equipment and technology from the U.S.

Samsung Rotary Compressor

Brief History

Rotary Brief History
2012 Start to produce 63frame scroll compressor
2010 Accomplished accumulated production of 50 million.
2008 Achieved Sine-Wave control BLDC full line up
2007 Increased production capacity to 8 millions.
2006 Moved all Korean Line to Suzhou, China
Accomplished accumulated production 30 millions
2005 Increased production capacity to 7 millions.
2004 Developed twin vane BLDC and extra-large volume 63 frame compressors
2003 Started production in Suzhou, China
2002 Developed single vane BLDC compressors,
small volume 39 frame compressors
2001 Developed R410A compressors and large volume 55 frame compressors(20-38K Btu/h)
Accomplished accumulated production 10 millions
1996 Developed R407C compressors.
Developed Super EER 44 frame compressors.
1996 Approved and registered by ISO 14000
1995 Developed AC inverter compressors
1993 Approved and registered by ISO 9001
1990 Established rotary compressor plant in Suwon Korea