With true voice and data convergence a reality, you can now stay in contact wherever you go. Samsung's range of handsets and other User-End-Points offer a wide variety of ergonomically designed terminals, suitable for use in the office or at home. Stylish and easy-to use, each handset is designed to maximise the benefits of the systems functionality - and to give users the appropriate feature set and access levels for their individual needs. Whether that is a simple telephone or a fully-featured handset with LCD display and programmable functions.
As technology advances, you can be sure that Samsung will be at the leading edge of the revolution, keeping your business ahead of the game.

State-of-the-art IP Phone

Samsung's SMT-i series SIP phones can make your business more efficient, collaborative and agile with enhancing productivity and communication among employees and off-site colleagues while helping to reduce costs.

Intuitive User-oriented

Easy-to-navigate menus and navigation button ensure even the newest user can take advantage of all features and functionality intuitively.


Samsung 5000 series display handsets feature a 32-character, 2 line scrollable LCD screen to display call information like Calling Line Identification (CLI, who is calling) and Direct Dialing Inward (DDI, which may indicate why they are calling). The LCD also helps the users navigate effortlessly through the systems features. In addition, display handsets incorporate programmable soft keys with tri-coloured LED status indicators that can be used for speed dialling, as well as one-touch feature access keys and traditional Key & Lamp working. Optional add-on modules can also be assigned to compatible handsets, creating 64 additional soft keys. Or you can choose Samsungs standard Digital and Analogue handsets, as a cost-effective alternative for staff who do not require high access to system features. Ensuring everyone has their own point of contact and individual extension.