Samsung WE Work is the Unified Communication (UC) Application which can be deployed either internally or externally on both wired and wireless networks. Users can access employees’ contact information with this solution, searching lists that are stored on secure company servers. The messenger-added task-assign and management features enable enhanced productivity and more efficient decision-making. The UC Application integrates optimised information services which allow users to check colleagues† locations and their call or messenger status.

Distinct Personal and Work Contacts

In cases where employees need to use their personal mobile phone for business purposes, both sets of contacts are often combined without distinction. As a result, the security of these details might be leaked via social networking sites (SNS). The Samsung UC application solution saves business contacts in a separate area, protecting them while making them easily accessible via a simple user interface (UI). It is possible to search employee information networked by their company server, making it easier for in-house staff to find contact details. In addition, a presence status feature enables them to establish whether other parties are available.

User-Friendly Messenger

Unlike other programmes, The Samsung UC application messenger is optimised to provide business task features and an enhanced communication experience. Users can search other employees' contact information via this solution, which is networked with company servers. By scrolling through the chat screen, communication logs can be easily tracked to understand what was discussed prior to joining the conversation. It is possible to check who has read the messages and who has not, making it easier to manage tasks efficiently. In addition, voicemails can be left while operating the messenger.

Easier Management with To-Do Lists

For added efficiency and flexibility, users can manage and assign tasks to others via the convenient “To Do List” function. These are registered to the scheduler automatically for a more effective approach. Once the task is under way, the different parties are able to communicate to chart progress until it has been brought to completion.

Enhanced Connectivity for Greater Interaction

With this solution, users can automatically connect to Wi-Fi access points (APs), allowing them to collaborate and interact with their colleagues. Employee location information provided by Samsung APs is displayed to enable users to choose between different methods of communication, providing enhanced flexibility and convenience. This function is provided in conjunction with all Samsung APs.