The Wireless Enterprise WLAN Manager (WEM) monitors access points (APs) and access point controllers (APCs), ensuring that users get the best network capabilities out of their products. It also tracks the status of the wireless environment, granting operators fast and reliable WLAN access. The WEM helps to manage the wireless network efficiently without any problems relating to the configuration and troubleshooting of the AP or AP controller. Furthermore, the WEM provides operational convenience that enables the monitoring of service disruptions and resolves the problems whatever the circumstances.

An Intuitive User Interface

The WEM solution will allow operators to check the hierarchy of the AP and APC via its intuitive user interface (UI). It is specifically designed for optimal user convenience, minimizing downtime and enhancing performance. Its UI promotes the visibility of important network events and actions, letting you judge the status of networks in a fast and effective manner.

Wired and Wireless Integrated Management

The WEM is capable of managing the Samsung iES Ethernet switches. In the case of AP failure, this manager can turn off the PoE port remotely via Samsung Ethernet Switch, rebooting instantly to minimize potential downtime. As a result, this solution serves to provide users with a more reliable network connection, making it even more suitable for applications in a wide variety of business and mission-critical environments.

Remote Monitoring for Improved Troubleshooting

As the WEM can remotely monitor the status of wireless networks at anytime, it is possible to control from anywhere via a smartphone or another mobile device. It is able to identify and troubleshoot faults, minimizing network downtime and enhancing reliability. When the fault occurs, operators will be able to access real-time status reports and solve problems by sending error messages to the smartphone of the IT administrator