Optimized for various installation environment

Optimized design for
various environment

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ADSS Cable

All Dielectric Self-Supporting Cable
ADSS Cable, AD10
SAMSUNG’s ADSS cables are designed for installation on wooden poles, concrete poles or lattice towers along power lines, railways or telecommunication links.
As the cable does not contain any metallic elements, it is to be installed on medium and high voltage lines, to prevent dry-band arcing. Track resistant sheath material and software to calculate optimum placement on the towers make this cable usable for line voltages of up to 400 KV.

Feature / Benefit

  • Up to 144 fibers
  • High resistance to tracking effect provides long operating lifetime
  • SZ stranding design allows for easy mid-span access and isolates fibers from installation and environmental rigors
  • Drycore design for excellent water blocking performance and easier handling
  • Minimized additional loads due to small diameter and lightweight with the high strength aramid yarns
  • Custom designs available *
  • Complies with IEEE P-1222, the recognized standard for ADSS cable

* Note - The sheath material (MDPE or TRPE) and the location of the cable on structures that support 110KV or higher circuits should be reviewed prior to installation.

Cable Drawing

This is cross section image of ADSS cable. It shows colored optical fiber, Gel-filled buffer tube, Dielectric central member, Water swellable yam, Water swellable tape, Inner jacket, Dielectric strength member, Outer jacket

* Drawings are not to scale.

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