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Optimized design for
various environment

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DJSA Cable

Loose Tube Double-Jacket Single-Armored Cable
Loose Tube Cable - DJSA
SAMSUNG's Double Jacket Single Armored cables are designed for direct burial and aerial installation with lashing method. The loose tube design provides additional crush and mechanical protection. The design provides rodent resistance with corrugated steel tape for direct burial, stable performance over a wide temperature range and is compatible with any telecommunication grade optical fiber.

Feature / Benefit

  • Up to 432 fibers
  • Additional crush and mechanical protection
  • Rodent resistance with corrugated steel tape for direct burial
  • Proven loose tube design for performance
  • SZ stranding design allows for easy mid-span access and isolate fibers
    from installation and environmental rigors
  • Drycore design for excellent water blocking performance and easier handling
  • Polyethylene jacket is easy to strip, rugged and durable
  • Designed in accordance with applicable industry technical specifications,
    standards and references including IEC and EN

Cable Drawing

This is cross section image of Loose Tube Cable-DJSA. It shows colored optical fiber, Gel-filled buffer tube, Dielectric central member, Water swellable yarn, Water swellable tape, Inner jacket, Rip cord, Steel tape armoring, Outer PE jacket

* Drawings are not to scale.

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