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Optimized design for
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Loose Tube Ribbon Cable

Multi-tube ribbon cable
Loose Tube Ribbon Cable
SAMSUNG's Loose Tube Ribbon cables are excellent for metro applications or other high-density environments. The ribbon technology and improved mass-splicing properties reduce the cost of installation. The design provides the All-Dielectric Construction(ADC) suitable for duct application and the Single-Jacket Single-Armored(SJSA) suitable for direct-buried application.

Feature / Benefit

  • Up to 864 fibers
  • Small diameter and lightweight
  • With high fiber density, reduces installation costs
  • 12-fiber ribbons with readily identifiable ribbon IDs and easily accessible individual fiber colors
  • Drycore design allows an easier handling, quicker cable preparation and termination
  • Excellent mass fusion splicing yields with precise fiber and ribbon geometries

Cable Drawing

This is cross section image of Loose Tube Ribbon cable. It shows 12 fibers ribbon, max 12 layers, Gel-filled buffer tube, central strength member, Water swellable material, peripheral strength yarn, steel tape armorning, Rip Cord, Outer PE jacket

* Drawings are not to scale.

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