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Optimized design for
various environment

Samsung fullfills the need for every installation
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Super Armored Cable

Super mechanical cable for installing at open environments
Super Armored Cable
FAST and COST effective installation without duct
SAC(Super Armored Cable) is designed for extreme environments such as without Concrete Trough or Duct at railways or at mountainous sites. As an added benefit, installers can reduce installation cost and time because there is no need to make concrete, open it, lay the cable and make cover. SAC makes it very easy to perform their function at hard and intense work conditions beside railways.

Feature / Benefit

  • Up to 48 fibers
  • Steel tube with 12F or 24F
  • Mechanically strong Al spacer which protect the steel tube
    • Inner sheath
      Armo ring
      Outer sheath

      • - Black PE
      • - Galvanized steel wire
      • - LSZH protect fire propagation through cable
        at the mountain, railway sides.

Cable Drawing

This is cross section image of Super Armored Cable. It shows Steel wire, MDPE(first insulation), Aluminum spacer, 12/24 still tube fiber, Green ZHLS jacket(Flame retardant/UV protection)

* Drawings are not to scale.

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