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Optimized design for
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SJNA Cable

Loose Tube Single-Jacket Non-Armored Cable
Loose Tube Cable - SJNA
SAMSUNG's Single-Jacket Non-Armored cables are lightweight with small diameter and designed for duct and aerial installation with lashing method. The loose tube design with a metallic strength member for steel central member type or an aluminum tape for LAP Sheath type provides stable performance over a wide temperature range and is compatible with any telecommunication grade optical fiber

Feature / Benefit

  • Up to 432 fibers
  • Proven loose tube design for performance
  • SZ stranding design allows for easy mid-span access and isolates fibers from installation and environmental rigors
  • Drycore design for excellent water blocking performance and easier handling
  • Small diameter and lightweight
  • Polyethylene jacket is easy to strip, rugged and durable
  • Designed in accordance with applicable industry technical specifications, standards and references including IEC and EN
  • Moisture barrier with aluminum/polymer laminated tape (LAP Sheath type)

Cable Drawing

This is cross section image of Loose Tube Cable- SJNA.  It shows Colored optical fiber, Gel-filled buffer tube, Steel central member, Dielectric central member, Water swellable yarn, Water swellable tape, Laminated aluminum tape, Rip Cord, Outer PE jacket

* Drawings are not to scale.

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