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Low Water Peak Fiber / ITU-T G.652.D
Provides steady performance across the full spectrum of transmission wavelengths
SAMSUNG's WidePass™ single-mode optical fiber (ITU-T G.652.D) is designed to provide full optical transmission over the entire operating wavelength range from 1260 nm to 1625 nm (O, E, S, C, L-band). It has a low attenuation in E-band (1360 nm to 1460 nm) by eliminating the water peak permanently, which opens up the unusable band for additional bandwidth expansion. WidePass™ fiber complies with ITU-T G.652.D requirements and meets or exceeds not only the current industry standards, but also customers' expectations.
WidePass™ fiber is optimized for metropolitan and access area network applications and its long- term reliability is guaranteed over the entire life time of the cabled fiber. With even more improved and reinforced specifications in major optical and geometrical parameters, Samsung's WidePass™ single-mode optical fiber is the product of choice for current and future optical networks.

Feature / Benefit

  • Low optical loss across the entire spectrum from 1260nm to 1625 nm
  • Extended the capacity of CWDM systems
  • The advantage of Raman system due to the high amplification efficiency
  • Long term reliability due to the optimized dual-layer coating structure
  • Low PMD for higher data rate and longer distance
  • Excellent compatibility with any commercial single mode fibers


  • Long Haul telecommunication cables
  • High data-rate voice, video and data communication cables
  • CATV cables
  • Local Access, Metro Loop transmission cable

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