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Non-zero dispersion-Shifted Fiber / ITU-T G.656
The optical fiber that enable the lowest cost per bit transport
SAMSUNG's UltraPass™ fiber is advanced Non-Zero Dispersion Shifted Fiber (NZDSF) suitable for long-haul and high speed Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) networks of today and tomorrow. Its eligibly-designed dispersion characteristics reduce various non-linear effects which are particularly deleterious in dense wavelength division multiplexing systems. It also enables network operators to use wide wavelength operating window throughout the wavelength range of 1460 1625 nm (S, C and L band) to cope with ever growing demand for more bandwidth. The industry leading low PMD makes the fiber suitable for use in 10 Gb/s or even higher speed DWDM networks. UltraPass™ fiber complies with ITU-T G.656 requirements, which are more advanced standards for wideband optical transmission where Samsung has significantly contributed in the standardization process.

Feature / Benefit

  • Optimized for long haul and metro network
  • Expanded bandwidth (S + C + L) for DWDM
  • Optimized dispersion for EDFA/Raman system
  • Large effective area for low non-linear effects
  • Low PMDq for 40G or higher (<0.06 ps/km1/2)
  • Low water peak fiber


  • Metro Loop transmission cable
  • Optimized for long-haul and ultra-long transmission

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