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  • Ultra Bendfree™


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Ultra Bendfree™

Ultra Bend Insensitive Fiber/ ITU-T G.657.B3
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Optimized for Multiple Dwelling Unit Drop and In-Home Wiring Applications
In the indoor applications, the optical fiber cables must have performance comparable to that of copper cables. Therefore SAMSUNG's Ultra Bendfree™ is required to improve the fiber bend performance ("beyond G.657.B3") to meet the network requirements such as faster, easy, low skill, plug and play installation for applying tensioning, stapling, and 90-degree corner bend at the same time, it is compatible with large scale manufacturing.
Supporting MDU (Multi Dwelling Unit) and in-home wiring applications, the Ultra Bendfree™, Enhanced Bend Insensitive Fiber, with optimized trench-assisted index profile using our own standard process suitable for mass production, which was superior to G.657.B3 and compatible with G.652.D.

Feature / Benefit

  • Extremely superior bending performance ("Beyond B3") : ≤ 0.1 dB @R5mm_1550nm
  • In-home or MDU applications such as sharp corner bend, stapling etc.
  • Solid structure : Good mechanical reliability and Easy to splicing with
    conventional SMF
  • Protection of fiber coating degradation in case high power systems
  • Low Water Peak Fiber


  • Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU)
  • In-Home Wiring (Curl-cord)
  • FTTx Drop cable

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