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Business Profile

Samsung Optical Fibers
in Wired & Wireless solution

Samsung offers many innovative and reliable solutions to support wird & wireless network

Beyond tomorrow, Beyond the light

Samsung has been a constant developer of cutting-edge optical communication products since its start of optical fiber business in 1983. Samsung, as the leader of optical communication industry, is now a supplier of products for various applications.

Samsung draws its differentiated competitive edge from the brand equity of Samsung, more than 30 years of know-how and burning aspiration to tap the opportunities of future industries, staying on a track for unlimited growth.

As a global leader of fiber optics industry, Samsung supplies its products to more than 60 countries around the world including Singapore, the U.K., Australia, Columbia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Portugal and the Netherlands, making dent in even more markets around the world every year. It also holds about 30% share of the broadband network market in Korea, thanks to its industry leadership in terms of quality and technological prowess.

Samsung produces optical fiber using materials of best quality and purity and cable products that meet customers’ needs and provide excellent performance and convenient accessibility. From initial product design to actual on-site application, Samsung offers great optical network access products that meet various customers’ needs.

Fiber Optic Cable

In today's fast-changing, knowledge-centric society, the vast amount of information is running across the transmission media at extremely high speeds just as a race car does along the track. Samsung fiber optic cables provide optimum guidance and protection of optical signals to ensure outstanding transmission quality even in the most demanding environments. And now, think Samsung first when it comes to fiber optic cables. We deliver wonderful experiences of communication at the speed of light.

Unique Solution for Optical Communication Network

As fiber optic technology becomes more advanced-and its benefits more widely known-the range of application areas using that technology is growing rapidly.
As a global technology leader, Samsung has a great deal of experience in many projects and offers a suite of solutions for optical network service.
Being assigned to work closely with customers and suppliers to continuously develop the most innovative products and provide our customers with the best solutions for the next generation of optical communication networks.