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Samsung Interconnectivity Solution

for Remote Radio Head

Fluidic connection between RRH and
DU with one-stop solution

Samsung’s Hybrid Connector Cabling (HCC) solution dramatically simplifies and reduces the cost of upgrade or replacement of traditional base station configurations with the latest distributed base station architectures.
It provides a fluid interconnection from the Digital Unit (DU) cabinet to the Remote Radio Head (RRH) with a factory assembled end-to-end solution of optical and fiber cables and a distribution enclosure.
Samsung HCC helps you lower the effort and cost of installation with minimal impact at the tower.

Intelligent and the most efficient solution for wireless infrastructures


We can significantly reduce business risk and time to deployment for all your applications with pre-validated, standardized components.


We will work with you to size the environment specifically for your needs, and then design, build and implement it for you.

ㆍCost Effective

We will increase efficiency and decrease costs with combined cable and factory-made and treatment that integrates seamlessly into your existing environment.


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