lmage sharpness and low dose with S-Detector

Samsung’s digital detector enables accurate diagnoses. Advanced S-Detector displays anatomical structure clearly and vividly with high Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE). In addition, the detector lowers the radiation dose for radiographers and patients.

Superior-quality images with S-Vue™

* An equipment inside this motion is GF50.

Optimal accuracy with Smart Stitching

Accurate diagnosis is provided through a stitched image rather than Separated images.
Smart stitching captures two or more images consecutively, and then stitches the multiple images into one images.


Simple operation with a fully wireless system

The integrated wireless system provides immediate data transfer, and includes Wireless S-Detector, remote controller and wireless foot. The S-Detector’s LED indicator reduces confusion when using Multiple detectors. When the user interface and the detector’s indicator color match, the user can Choose the active detector with just on click

Lightweight wireless S-Detector
The wireless detector can be used anywhere and moved quickly and easily, resulting in high throughput, improved patient comfort and convenience when imaging any area of the body. As a result, the operator’s effort is reduced and a greater number of patients can be examined.


THU Touch Screen

The large 12 inch touch screen on the THU enhances the usability by quickly displaying the captured image and providing easy to use GUI.
Intuitive GUI & AUI

The integrated UI (User Interface) used in the THU (Tube Head Unit) and simple and intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) makes it easier to use and understand the equipment, providing high levels of ease and convenience. Various elements of AUI (Audio User Interface), corresponding with the THU’s movement, provide an intuitive user experience. In addition the XGEO GC80 is designed in a refined and elegant manner.

Positioning Help

The visual guide provides various scanning positions to help the user acquire images easily.

Soft Handling

Thanks to Samsung’s humanoid robot technologies,
the user can easily adjust the THU (Tube Head Unit)
using only one hand. This leads to better onvenience
and workflow.

Full Automation

  • Auto positioning Auto Positioning adjusts the THU and the table or wall stand to frequently used positions by the touch of a button, allowing the user to focus on scanning images and providing care to the patient.
  • Auto tracking The detector is synchronized with the movement of the THU, and the THU is synchronized with the movement of the detector. This provides convenient working environment since it prevents additional adjustments in the shooting process.
  • Auto sync The THU is synchronized with the movement of the detector to provide more convenient scanning.
  • Auto park When the scanner is not in use, it is automatically parked in a safe position, preventing possible damages to the equipment or patient injuries from accidental impact.

6-way Table

The flexible 6-way table can endure maximum 350kg weight. The elevating range is 545~900mm and both wireless and wired foot switch are possible. Thin table legs make the best use of fixed space, and the outstanding traffic line will improve workflow.


Auto Exposure Control(AEC)

The AEC function prevents excessive exposure to X-rays and provides patients the best image quality possible.

Dose Area Product (DAP)

By measuring the amount of X-ray being used by the collimator, users can measure the dosimetry of patients being examined. DAP information can also be delivered to PACS and effectively managed.

Individual Blade Control
(4-way Control Device)

4-axis individual blade control function reduces radiation dose and is especially useful for pediatric chest examination.

Anti-collision Sensor

The THU has 6 anti-collision sensors that sense objects and people’s movement to prevent the equipment from colliding with users or patients.

RMS (Remote Management System)

This system provides a customized service that enables users to manage the status of equipment, through real-time monitoring of any problems that occur, using the RMS.
It also provides remote repair services upon request through remote access assistance.

Key features of GC80 series
GC80 GC80V 65/80
Wireless Detector S4335-W / S4343-W
Tube 600kHU 400kHU
HVG(Generator) 80kW 65kW / 80kW
Soft Handling O X
Auto Positioning O X
Smart Stitching* O O
* Option

Because product (incl.options, features, etc.) regulatory approval/clearance status can vary by country, please contact your local sales office to receive more detailed information.