Samsung LABGEO PT10

Samsung LABGEO PT10

  • Introducing Samsung's latest medical innovation, Samsung LABGEOPT10, a portable clinical chemistry analyzer that improves efficiency by saving time for clinicians and patients through fast, easy and accurate blood analysis.

Samsung LABGEO PT10

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Fast results
Samsung LABGEOPT10 provides fast diagnosis with test results in 10 minutes* and improves patient satisfaction by reducing waiting time. A large internal storage capacity of up to 5,000 test results enables immediate access to data.
10-minute test results
  • * 10-minute assay time is typical for most analytes. An additional assay time of up to 60 seconds may be required depending on the type of analyte.
Easy blood sampling and auto testing
Users can acquire fast and accurate results through an automated testing process. Tests can be performed using a small amount of blood, under 70 μL, which makes it easier to test the blood of children and seniors.
1. Draw a small amount of blood(under 70) 2. Insert the blood into the cartridge. 3. Place the cartridge in the Samsung LABGEO PT10 4. View th results.
Multi-parameter testing with Smart Lab
Samsung LABGEOPT10 Blood Analyzer offers multi-parameter testing for fast, accurate disease screening with test-specific cartridges that include liver and renal functioning, and lipid and biochemical profiling.
Ref. Code : IVR-PT01 / Product Name : Samsung LABGEOPT Hepatic Test 9 / Analytes : AST ALT ALP GGT TBIL DBIL ALB TP GLU Ref. Code : IVR-PT02 / Product Name : Samsung LABGEOPT Renal Test 6 / Analytes : GLU BUN CREA Na K Cl Ref. Code : IVR-PT03 / Product Name : Samsung LABGEOPT Lipid Test 5 / Analytes : GLU CHOL TG HDL (LDL) Ref. Code : IVR-PT04 / Product Name : Samsung PT Wellness Test 9 / Analytes : AST ALT GGT TBIL BUN CREA AMY CHOL GLU Ref. Code : IVR-PT05 / Product Name : Samsung LABGEOPT Biochemistry Test 9 / Analytes : AST ALT GGT GLU CREA CHOL TG HDL (LDL) Ref. Code : IVR-PT07 / Product Name :  Samsung LABGEOPT HbA1c Test / Analytes : HbA1c
  • * Product availability may vary by country and is subject to change without prior notice
Compact design and intuitive UI
A lightweight and compact design (14 x 20.5 x 20.6 cm footprint and 2 kg weight) improves the efficient use of hospital space. The intuitive touchscreen graphical user interface (GUI) enhances the speed and ease of using the equipment.
Compact design and intuitive UI
IT Solution
Users can connect to Hospital Information Systems (HIS), PCs and mobile phones or other mobile devices for efficient database management. IT Solution can transfer test results for reference, notification and database building.
PT10 > Transfer test results > PC Application (Samsung LABGEO Data Manager) : The PC application enables users to access and work with test results on a PC.  PT10 > Build test results database* > HIS (LIS/EMR System) : The HIS (LIS/EMR) System backs up results to HIS using HIS standard protocols. PT10 > Deliver text-message results > Mobile Application (The mobile application sends results via messaging and supports mobile browsing. )
  • * Data encryption is used in Mobile Application. Patient information and test results are encrypted and decrypted by AES-128 bit or higher level of security.
RMS (Remote Management System) provides real-time service through equipment status checks and immediate response to errors from a service team.
PT 10 > RMS Transfers data > Remote Access B/S, A/S > Send SMS*, Remote connection(Error check, diagnosis) > Service(Immediate response)
  • * Available only upon customer application and agreement of services. ** SMS service availability may vary by country.
Key features
Samsung LABGEOPT10
Samsung LABGEO PT10  Size & Weight : 140 x 206 x205mm, 2kg / Display : 4.3 inch Touch panel / Printer : Built-in thermal printer / Interface : Ethernet, USB 2.0 port / Power Supply : AC adapter (output DC 19V, 4.74A, 90W)

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The Samsung LABGEO PT10 has various useful functions that will have a positive impact on any medical clinic. Besides its rapid performance, this system is compact in size and extremely easy to install and use.


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