Samsung LABGEO HC10

Samsung LABGEO HC10

  • Samsung LABGEOHC10 hematology analyzer provides results in 45 seconds. The unit’s simple three-step testing process and automated sample rotor provide ease-of-use and help prevent contamination.

Samsung LABGEO HC10

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Rapid Performance and High Throughput
Samsung LABGEOHC10 offers fast test results to increase patient throughput. With an automatic dual detection chamber, testing requires only 45 seconds per sample, enabling 80 tests per hour to be performed.
Rapid Performance and High Throughput
Simple 3-step testing
When the sample tube is inserted into the Auto Sample Rotor and the Start button is pressed, Samsung LABGEOHC10 automatically performs the test. The results are provided within 45 seconds.
1. Prepare a specimen 2. Load the sample tube and press the Start button (auto sample rotor) 3. The results will appear in 45 seconds
Accurate diagnoses
Samsung LABGEOHC10 can deliver accurate results based on 18 parameters for greater accuracy and increased diagnostic confidence.
18 parameters are: WBC, LYM, MON, GRA, LYM%, MON%, GRA%, Hb, HCT, RBC, MCV, MCH, RDW, MCHC, PLT, PCT, MPV, PDW
IT Solution
Users can connect to Hospital Information Systems (HIS), PCs and mobile phones or other mobile devices for efficient database management. IT Solution can transfer test results for reference, notification and database building.
HC10 > Transfer test results > PC Application(Samsung LABGEO Data Manager) : The PC application enables users to access and work with test results on a PC. HC10 > Build test results database > HIS (LIS/EMR System) : The HIS (LIS/EMR) System backs up results to HIS using HIS standard protocols. HC10 > Deliver text-message results* > Mobile Application : The mobile application sends results via messaging and supports mobile browsing.
  • * Data encryption is used in Mobile Application. Patient information and test results are encrypted and decrypted by AES-128 bit or higher level of security.
Protective Auto Sample Rotor
The Auto Sample Rotor protects the user from the threat of contamination by blood samples. It also prevents sample contamination, which increases test accuracy.
Protective Auto Sample Rotor
Support for multiple devices
Samsung LABGEOHC10 includes support for LAN connectivity, plus the use of multiple external devices, including USB Keyboard, Barcode Scanner, and USB External Printer.
Support for multiple devices
  • * Please refer to the Samsung LABGEO HC10 user manual for a list of compatible printers. Alternatively, any printer connected to a PC may be used by installing the LABGEO Data Manager software.
RMS (Remote Management System) provides real-time service through equipment status checks and immediate response to errors from a service team.
IB 10 > RMS Transfers data > Remote Access B/S, A/S > Send SMS*, Remote connection(Error check, diagnosis) > Service(Immediate response)
  • * Available only upon customer application and agreement of services. ** SMS service availability may vary by country.

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Delivering Smart Solutions for Life, HC10
The LABGEO HC10 testing device produces extremely reliable and accurate test results. Moreover, it is cost effective, requires minimal maintenance and has a user-friendly LCD touch screen and display, ensuring high performance.


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