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Samsung Launches the New RS80A with Prestige

Samsung Launches the New RS80A with Prestige


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Samsung Medison's new RS80A with Prestige boosts diagnostic confidence with advanced clinical features for radiology market 

Featuring enhanced usability, reliability and image quality
Targeting research and general hospitals around the world with additional clinical solutions


Seoul, Korea – June 1, 2015 – Samsung Medison, a global leader in manufacturing medical devices, launched a premium ultrasound imaging system ‘RS80A with Prestige’ with an enhanced diagnostic package designed for radiology departments. The RS80A with Prestige strengthened research ability to the existing RS80A over a broad spectrum of diseases related to abdominal, breast, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal ailments, to provide higher clinical value.


RS80A with Prestige

RS80A with Prestige is equipped with S-Fusion, which is a function that can compare the body parts intended for diagnosis through ultrasound imaging with CT or MRI imaging simultaneously for analysis. Users can determine the location of lesions more precisely that the existing ultrasound imaging couldn’t locate with high resolution of CT and MRI imaging. In particular, S-Fusion allows auto-registration that aligns imaging of CT or MRI within 30 seconds to enable a quick diagnosis.


S-Shearwave, which helps analyze the characteristics of body tissue without biopsy, provides numerical measurements of stiffness using the shear wave produced around the region of interest. The function supports accurate diagnosis by providing Reliable Measurement Index (RMI) and statistics for repeated measurements including the median and standard deviation.


RS80A with Prestige provides Samsung's new advanced 3D technology, Natural Vue. The feature strengthens morphological expressions than the existing Realistic Vue that creates realistic expression of internal body images. With the application of the 3D/4D reflection mode, Natural Vue can show even a minute protrusion that basic imaging is unable to display. The system also features Arterial Analysis, which supports earlier detection of cardiovascular diseases by executing both morphological and functional analysis of the vessel.


“After seeing a favorable response from the market with our first radiology system RS80A last year, it is exciting to release the RS80A with Prestige featuring additional research functions and enhanced user experience,” said Soo-in Cho, CEO of Samsung Medison, adding, “Samsung will continue to put its best efforts in developing ultrasound technology and clinical usability for diagnosis in the medical field.”


RS80A with Prestige will be first launched in Korea and European countries, followed by other regions around the world including the US and Middle East in due course, targeting research and general hospitals. The product was introduced earlier in March at the 2015 European Congress for Radiology in Vienna, through seminars on clinical values of its main functions. The RS80A with Prestige also drew keen attention at the 31st Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show in Seoul.


About Samsung Medison

Samsung Medison is a global leader in manufacturing medical devices. Founded in 1985, the company sells cutting-edge diagnostic ultrasound devices around the world across various medical fields. The company attracted global attention in 2001 through the introduction of Live 3D technology. In 2011, Samsung Medison became an affiliate of Samsung Electronics, integrating world's best IT, image processing, semiconductor and communication technologies into diagnostic ultrasound systems.

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