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Remote Maintenance System

Putting a smile on your face


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Remote Maintenance System, Putting a smile on your face
The Main Focus Is on the Patient
Samsung realizes it is important to enable our customer to take care of the patients, not their medical products. So Samsung has developed a state-of-the-art RMS (Remote Maintenance System) with secure remote access.
Topmost Uptime
Through real-time monitoring and remote diagnosis, the fastest solution will be found, providing maximum uptime and performance.
Effective diagnostic monitoring and analysis helps keep the system operating at its best and preventing a technical problem in advance
Diagnosis and Prevention of Future Problems
Proactive Maintenance Prediction of future problems can become possible with RMS. System errors or warnings are monitored on a real-time basis and can be analyzed to predict technical problems which may occur with the user’s medical equipment. When problematic situations are detected, service engineers will make a preventive maintenance visit to the site, bringing parts that would be necessary to solve the problem. On-line Regular Inspections Product status is checked regularly to keep it’s operation stable and prevent sudden interruptions. Valuable Advice For Efficient Use Users can get valuable advice for more efficient use of their devices by analyzing the stored database such as replacement time of equipment, log information or optimum parameter settings.
RMS DB(Usage info, Error info, Component) > Analysis Tool(Region, Equipment, Customer) > Analyzed Data > Prediction for proactive maintenance, Valuable advice for efficient use
Fast uptime is possible when the service engineers are aware of the site’s situation from the remote diagnosis
Rapid Service and Time Saving
Real-Time Diagnosis with Remote Desktop Solutions Samsung service engineers can monitor all system errors or warnings in real-time. If problems are detected through the real-time monitoring, remote diagnosis is performed and SMS messages are sent to inform the local Samsung service engineers of the problems. The engineers can then either repair the equipment remotely via Remote Desktop Solution or provide an appropriate on-site solution. Fast Uptime The service engineer will have detailed information before arriving at the site and RM center can order the necessary parts at the same time. Prompt Upgrade Prompt remote upgrading of software and firmware with RMS keeps the equipment operating at its best.
Hospotal > Call / Internet > Call Center, RM Center > Mobile RM > Service Enginner > On-site repair / Hospotal > Call / Internet > Call Center, RM Center > Remote repair > Hospital
Your equipment is safe from hacking or viruses through a virtual tunnel and patient information is secure
Trustworthy Solutions for Security
Virtual Tunneling A virtual tunnel is established between the user’s equipment and the RMS server using Samsung’s VPN (Virtual Private Network). Safety Encryption All information is encrypted before being sent from the medical equipment to the RMS server. Security of Patient Information Security of patient information is ensured by requiring the user’s consent every time a service engineer accesses the equipment also blocking any patient information from the engineer ‘s view during the repair. * RMS complies with agreement of Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Health and Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
RMS Security Process : 1. User grants RMS access to the workstation of the equipment 2. Safety encryption : Equipment information is encrypted and sent to the RMS server through secure VPN 3. Security of patient information : RMS evaluates the received information without access to any patient information 4. RMS performs remote service
How to register RMS : 1. Product Agreement & Consent of RMS Connection 2. Installation & RMS registration( 3. RMS Remote Service
ISO27001 Certified : RMS is ISO27001 certified for IT service, Planning, Development, Operation and Maintenance. * ISO/IEC27001 is an information security management system standard published by ISO and IEC.