Samsung Medison Showcases First Premium Ultrasound UGEO WS80A at ISUOG 2013 World Congress

on Oct 06, 2013

Device features latest innovations in diagnostic imaging that enable more accurate diagnosis

SYDNEY, Australia – October 7, 2013Samsung Medison,
a global leading medical devices company, today announced that it is showcasing two new ultrasound systems including
the UGEO WS80A, the first premium ultrasound device for OB/ -GYN at the 23rd ISUOG (International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology) World Congress. Samsung Medison is also holding a number of academic programs in collaboration with leading professionals at the show, being held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre from October 6 - 9.

The UGEO WS80A combines Samsung's latest innovations in display to deliver fast and accurate diagnoses in women's health. Key features include:

21.5" Wide LED Screen with 10.1" Touch Panel.
FRV™ + Inversion Mode — Faster realization of FRV™ (Feto Realistic View) that displays life-like detail of anatomic structures.
5D NT™ (Nuchal translucency)* — Enables realistic visualization of NT images that help detect Down syndrome.
5D Cine™ — Provides images that can be viewed on 3D TV for healthcare practitioners to acquire new clinical value through more accurate diagnoses of lesions and blood vessels. Apart from the clinical benefit, this feature also gives soon-to-be-parents the opportunity to meet their yet-to-be-born baby in 3D.
Features the latest breast elastography that makes it easier for users to distinguish benign from malignant masses through acquiring the strain ratio between the target and reference area faster than the previous models.

Visitors to the ISUOG 2013 World Congress will be able to experience the latest features of UGEO WS80A. Samsung is also showcasing the new high-end hand held UGEO HM70A at the exhibition center. The versatile device can be deployed across a number of fields including OB/GYN, Radiology and Cardiology. Both products will be available in Korea, Australia as well as other countries in Europe and Southeast Asia beginning this month, with a launch in the US and Japan to follow in the beginning of next year.

Samsung Medison will also be hosting a number of academic sessions including the Satellite Symposium where successful clinical research will be presented by renowned medical professionals in OB/GYN.

"We look forward to seeing what the UGEO WS80A will bring to the market following a successful launch at ISUOG 2013 World Congress. As the first premium device, the UGEO WS80A represents the latest ultrasound innovation and leading IT technologies of Samsung,” said Soo-in Cho, CEO of Samsung Medison. “Samsung will continue to put its best efforts towards developing medical devices that deliver true-to-life images and features that provide faster diagnosis."

Academic Sessions

Satellite Symposium
(Wednesday, October 9 / Main Hall)
Time | Title | Speaker
12:45 ~ 13:05 Efficacy of progesterone in women with a short cervix: Can elastography provide an objective evaluation of treatment efficacy? Jon Hyett
13:05 ~ 13:25 Advancements in the application of elastography in benign uterine disorders W. Hehenkamp
13:25 ~ 13:45 Normal development of fetal cortical fissures:
A longitudinal three-dimensional ultrasound study
Tullio Ghi

Hospitality Suite
(October 6 to 8 / Bayside 203)
Sunday, 6th | Title | Speaker
10:20 ~ 10:50 The new wave of women's healthcare George Condous
14:00 ~ 14:30 The new wave of women's healthcare
15:50 ~ 16:20 Experienced ultrasound is the key to predicting Endometriosis with live scanning
Monday, 7th | Title | Speaker
10:05 ~ 10:30 Fetal heart assessment Kawataki Motoyoshi
15:20 ~ 15:50 Best solution for fetal heart assessment Alexander Weichert
Monday, 8th | Title | Speaker
10:05 ~ 10:30 Assessment of fetal brain in 2nd trimester Ritu Mogra
13:30 ~ 14:00 Best solution for fetal brain assessment Tullio Ghi
15:20 ~ 15:50 Assessment of fetal heart in 2nd trimester Ritu Mogra

* 5D NT™ measures the thickness at the back of an unborn baby's neck (Nuchal translucency). Measuring this thickness helps assess the risk of Down syndrome usually between 11 and 13 weeks of pregnancy.

**All functionality features and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.

About Samsung Medison

Samsung Medison is a global leading medical devices company. Founded in 1985, the company now sells cutting-edge medical devices including diagnostic ultrasound, digital X-ray and blood analyzer, in 110 countries around the world. The company has attracted global attention in the medical field with its R&D capabilities and advanced technologies. In 2011, Samsung Medison became an affiliate company of Samsung Electronics, integrating world's best IT, image processing, semiconductor and communication technologies into medical devices.

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