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Samsung Electronics Medical Equipment

Samsung Electronics has contributed to the digital revolution through products that encompass innovative technologies, original designs, convenience, and customer values, and has always been a leader of such revolution since then. On one hand fulfilling the demands of today, on the other hand, Samsung Electronics is continuously presenting new products that predict the demands of tomorrow and thus is leading the global digital market. Long before the merger with Medison, Samsung Electronics had a continuing interest and investment in the medical equipment industry. By branching out into the medical equipment industry, Samsung Electronics aims to become a global leader as a healthcare company through joining together its display, semiconductor, and mobile businesses. Starting with in-vitro diagnosis equipment, Samsung Medison is expanding its business to diagnostic imaging and medical IT systems for the advancement of medicine and medical technology.

Samsung Medison

Samsung Medison is an affiliate of the elite global company Samsung Electronics. First established as Medison in 1985, as one of the representative venture companies of Korea, Medison has grown into a company that specializes in ultrasound imaging equipment. In 1996. Medison successfully developed the first digital ultrasound system by an Asian manufacturer, SA6000. In 1998, Medison developed the world’s first Live 3D ultrasound imaging system. Medison earned a strong reputation for its Ob/Gyn equipment and became a global company, exporting its products to over 100 countries around the world. After the merger with Samsung Electronics in 2011, the company was renamed Samsung Medison as it began its quest to rise to greater heights.

Beyond Plus: Samsung Electronics + Samsung Medison

Medison, with its accumulated technologies and knowledge in the ultrasound market, came together with Samsung Medical Equipment to establish the foundation for developing distinguished, premium equipment. Since Samsung Electronics Medical Equipment combined with Medison it has quickly moved forward, making rapid progress in the imaging diagnosis equipment market.

Samsung’s unparalleled image processing and IT technologies are combined with medical equipment to serve as the foundation for innovative products. Furthermore, customer service infrastructures such as RMS, user interface that utilizes ergonomic design for greater user convenience, and connections with mobile devices via communications technologies will drive technological advancements for Samsung's medical equipment.

By upholding customer values as its top priority, Samsung Medical Equipment will support fast, easy and accurate diagnosis through superior technologies and products. Samsung will make continuous efforts to contribute to the growth of the global medical equipment industry and also improve the quality of people's lives through its advanced technologies.