High Reliability and Outstanding Performance in All Driving Conditions

Create attractive vehicle lighting with superb color quality and design flexibility

Samsung automotive LEDs offer highly reliable electrical components that adhere to specific testing methods and guidelines for sound performance. Durable under harsh automotive driving environments, Samsung automotive LEDs help increase a vehicle`s life span and lower maintenance costs.

These highly dependable automotive LEDs withstand high-temperature conditions, giving manufacturers confidence that customers can rely on the lights in varied driving environments. Samsung quality automotive LED lighting provides high color uniformity and excellent color quality, suitable for an assortment of automobile types. In addition, the LEDs meet Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) automotive color requirements, certifying their quality and safety.

Samsung offers a wide range of automotive LED products, from middle-power lighting (MPL) to high-power lighting (HPL). This broad selection enables OEMs to offer various automotive lighting designs to satisfy customers` styling demands. Manufacturers can feel comfortable using Samsung automotive LEDs in a range of design applications.

Provide customers high reliability and color uniformity with CPP technology

Samsung automotive LEDs operate with high reliability in a range of driving conditions and have adopted and attained the Automotive Electronic Council (AEC)-Q101C durability specifications rating. Even color uniformity and contrast ratio are made possible through a ceramic phosphor plate (CPP) that meets ECE guidelines. MPL and HPL products also offer design flexibility.

Equip vehicles with highly dependable LEDs that withstand extreme conditions

Samsung automotive LED lighting is designed for reliable use over extended periods. Based on the AEC-Q101C standards, Samsung automotive LEDs are certified for quality and reliability under the following test conditions:

  • High-temperature operating life. The equipment with-stands temperatures from -40°C to 125°C (-40°F to 257°F) and a junction temperature of up to 150°C (302°F).
  • Thermal shock. Samsung automotive LEDs meet criteria for changes in characteristics and failure occurrences caused by the differing coefficients of thermal expansion for the materials composing the parts. Changes are observed by exposing parts alternately to extremes of high and low temperatures.
  • Vibration shock and humidity. The lighting matches requirements for operating under extreme weather variations. These tests measure the durability of the LEDs under high vibration shock and humidity.

Automotive OEMs can provide automotive lights that are long lasting and durable under harsh automotive conditions, which helps lower maintenance costs for car owners.

Maintain superior color quality with reduced thermal resistance

A CPP helps improve even color distribution and provides a 100:1 contrast ratio. CPP technology also evens out the thickness of the fluorescent screen to reduce color differences and produce color uniformity from virtually any direction.

Samsung automotive LEDs are designed to withstand temperature fluctuations with low thermal package resistance. The high heat conductivity of Samsung automotive LED package components improves color quality by helping to prevent low luminance and color shifts over time. Dark space is reduced with a narrower dark line between chips. (This feature is available in the multichip package only.)

Novel, precise die-attaching technology improves brightness uniformity by up to 85 percent, as determined in an internal Samsung lab test. (This feature is available in the high-power package only.)

As a result of these features, OEMs can offer customers quality automotive lighting that has consistent color.

Design with greater flexibility using Samsung`s wide range of automotive LED products

With Samsung`s extensive portfolio of HPL and MPL products, OEMs can develop myriad automotive light designs for car manufacturers. Manufacturers can supply both consistent light color and sleek designs with Samsung automotive LEDs. These components are designed to suit a vast array of configurations.

Satisfy customer demands with reliable, high-performance automotive LEDs

Manufacturers can install Samsung automotive LEDs in their vehicles with confidence based on the technology`s high reliability, outstanding performance and long life span. OEMs can design automobile lighting that withstands high-temperature conditions as a result of the reduced thermal loss engineered into these automotive LEDs. The technology`s high color uniformity and excellent color quality enable manufacturers to offer customers superb luminance and enhanced driving safety.