Deliver superior light quality with high-performance, low forward voltage (Vf) LEDs

As energy-efficiency and environmental concerns increase in the growing global economy, manufacturers are looking for ways to produce more energy-conserving, eco-friendly alternatives to conventional lighting. LED technology is in the forefront of the trend toward lower-energy lighting alternatives.

Samsung LED Components provide the following advantages to fixture manufacturers:

  • Superior performance
  • Compliance with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards
  • MacAdam color bin and high luminous efficacy
  • Improved reliability under harsh conditions
  • Sustainability and a longer life span

High Power

High Power

A powerful source of illumination, ideal for a variety of high-power lighting applications.

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Middle Power

Middle Power

High quality light output, the optimum solution for retrofit lamps and ambient lighting.

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Achieve outstanding performance and reliability with excellent thermal efficacy

Samsung LED Components are designed for depend-ability, with superior thermal characteristics for reduced risk of failure in high-temperature conditions. Excellent thermal efficiency enables lighting fixtures to maintain consistent color and a reduced drop in lumens. The result is increased light output without shortening the fixture`s life span.

Maintain exceptional color consistency and uniformity with Samsung LED Components

Samsung offers color coordination using ANSI bins and sub bins. This solution helps reduce the difficulty fixture manufacturers face mixing color bins. The solution also improves fixture light quality and reduces space by eliminating the need to stock spare reels for color matching. Manufacturers benefit from increased production flexibility with a wide range of options, from small to full color bins. By conducting thorough research on fundamental color science, Samsung has developed a clear understanding about how light works in everyday life situations. This knowledge enables Samsung to help manufacturers build innovative lighting fixtures.

Outperform the competition with products that increase design options and compatibility

Samsung LEDs provide various form factors and a wide range of LED Components in different watt values that increase design flexibility when creating lighting products. Fixture manufacturers can choose from many different high-power and middle-power LED Components in the Samsung portfolio. This extensive choice eliminates constraints from an LED Component form factor.

Build sustainable lighting with enhanced reliability, efficacy and design flexibility

Samsung LED Components help fixture manufacturers produce energy efficient lighting products with superb reliability at high temperatures. These components offer design flexibility with a wide array of portfolio products, from high to middle power.