Middle Power Series


The LM561A is designed for use in LED tubes and in Ambient lighting applications and delivers 141lm/W efficacy with CRI 80 light quality.

  • Suitable for use in Ambient lighting and LED tubes
  • 141lm/W @5000K
  • Available in white (2700K to 6500K CCT @CRI 80)
  • Footprint (5.6mmx3.0mm)

File Download

  • File Download
    Data Sheet - LM561A Ver.002  
    (May 14, 2013)
  • File Download
    Application Note - T8 Application Design Guide Ver.1.0  
    (Mar 21, 2013)
  • File Download
    Catalog - LED Components Ver.1.0  
    (Mar 04, 2014)
CAL CRI CCTup-down Luminous Flux Beam Angle Foward Voltage IF Part Number
Min. up-down Min. up-down Max. up-down Typ. Max.
  80 6500K 15.27lm 23.63lm 120˚ 2.91V 3.3V 50mA SPMWHT5225D5WAP0S0
  80 5700K 15.57lm 23.97lm 120˚ 2.91V 3.3V 50mA SPMWHT5225D5WAQ0S0
  80 5000K 15.87lm 24.32lm 120˚ 2.91V 3.3V 50mA SPMWHT5225D5WAR0S0
  80 4500K 15.80lm 24.00lm 120˚ 2.91V 3.3V 50mA SPMWHT5225D5WAS0S0
  80 4000K 15.57lm 24.02lm 120˚ 2.91V 3.3V 50mA SPMWHT5225D5WAT0S0
  80 3500K 15.27lm 23.36lm 120˚ 2.91V 3.3V 50mA SPMWHT5225D5WAU0S0
  80 3000K 14.89lm 22.70lm 120˚ 2.91V 3.3V 50mA SPMWHT5225D5WAV0S0
  80 2700K 14.02lm 21.80lm 120˚ 2.91V 3.3V 50mA SPMWHT5225D5WAW0S0