User Input

User Input
Products Select CCT K
Output current of PSU/ @1channel A Output Voltage of PSU/ @1 channel V
Power Consumption W Efficiency of PSU

( 0 < Efficiency data < 1 )

Q'ty of Series connection ea Q’ty of parallel connection ea
Ts - Temperature of
LED soldering point

( 0°C < Ts < 110°C )

Luminaire Efficiency (Diffuser or Optical loss)

( 0 < Luminaire Efficiency < 1 )


User Input
LED (Only PKG) V (Operation Voltage) V
Luminous Flux of LED lm
Efficacy of LED lm/W
Engine Total luminous flux of module lm
Power Consumption W
Efficacy of Engine lm/W
Set Luminous flux lm
Efficacy of Luminaire lm/W

1) This calculator is made based on sample measurement data.
   Therefore exact performance of given batch of actual product may differ from this calculator.
2) Subject to change without notice.
3) Please use this as a reference only.