Samsung Electronics' Device Solutions Division is dedicated to preserving the environment in which we operate in. We also hold environmental science classes for elementary school children near the complexes to promote scientific knowledge and environmental awareness.

Education (Sister School/Environmental Science School)

Since 2007, Samsung has been running an 'Environmental Science Class' for elementary school students in local communities. Every year, about 600 elementary school students participate in the program to conduct experiments and learn more about science and the environment.

About 60 employees volunteers as teachers in the Environmental Science Class and complete the Junior Engineer Achievement program of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea to make the science class easy and fun for students.

Samsung Semiconductor Social Contribution

Samsung Electronics' Device Solutions Division is expanding its activities in partner elementary schools to operate an eco-experience program in 2013. Through activities such as hands-on experience in mud flats and forests, Samsung is striving to teach students about the value of life and the basic principles of the ecosystem. Approximately 1,000 students are expected to participate in the program: all 4th grade students in five participating partner elementary schools.

Environmental Improvement (EM Mud Ball Activity)

As part of the effort to the natural environment of our local communities, Samsung has been working hard to improve water quality in streams by using EM (Effective Micro-organisms) mud balls since 2009. Once employees and students make the EM mud balls, they are placed in the streams near Giheung and Hwaseong.

The EM mud balls become effective breeding grounds for micro-organisms that remove pollutants and odor sources in the streams.

Samsung Semiconductor Social Contribution