Verified reference flows from leading vendors"Cross-foundry" offerings help design process

Samsung Foundry offers a range of silicon-verified design environments from Synopsys, Magma Design Automation and Cadence Design Systems, with physical verification solutions available from Mentor Graphics. Fully qualified design flows are available, allowing designers to transform their RTL code to GDS- II, with visibility to key design parameters (timing, power, area, signal integrity) at all major design checkpoints. Samsung Foundry has worked closely with its EDA partners to validate generic and low-power reference flows at 90nm and for low-power flows at 65nm and down to 28nm. A full set of scripts and associated documentation are available directly from Synopsys, Magma and Cadence.

Since reference flow characterization is conducted at all Common Platform manufacturing sites, customers may take their designs to any member site without design compatibility or manufacturability concerns. GDS-II compatibility across Common Platform manufacturing sites affords multi-sourcing of a customer's designs, resulting in a flexible capacity model to meet a customer's changing demand.