Foundry Solutions Process Technology Overview

New foundry paradigm focused on advanced technology development and excellent manufacturing capability with rapidly expanding capacity for energy-efficient, high-performance mobile and IT computing applications

Samsung Foundry provides the most advanced and wide range of process technologies through Semiconductor R&D Center and Common Platform partners. Foundry Technology Development Center has developed advanced process technology to meet customers' process specification and application requirements and Semiconductor R&D Center has focused the next-generation process technology development to pave the road for adopting innovative technologies such as double patterning and FinFET.

The Common Platform relationship is the bulk CMOS process technology that is jointly developed by IBM, Samsung and GLOBALFOUNDRIES. This joint development has began since 90nm process node and now extending to 65nm, 45nm, 32/28nm and 20nm and below process technologies. The Common Platform technology model continues to gain momentum with more than a dozen design enablement tools, EDA, IP and packaging solution providers joining the collaboration to provide a comprehensive design eco-system.

Samsung Semiconductor Process Technology

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