To serve Foundry customers for Time-to-Market

Samsung Foundry provides one of the world's best data preparation solution and in-house mask shops with competitive levels of service. Robust technology and competitive turnaround time are a key mission. Mask service offering is based on extensive experience in a wide array of products from logic to memory. To support advanced process, Samsung Foundry continues to invest heavily in a strong portfolio of products and conducts regular internal audit for total mask flow, from design-in to mask delivery and following-up control, to give customers the best service.

SAMSUNG's mask service provides

  • High-quality masks and competitive cycle time
  • Security system support for foundry customer data protection
  • On-line B2B Workplace service for mask request and mask data checking
  • DFM solutions supported
  • Simulation for e-beam exposure results using in-house tools
  • Leading-edge masks such as Cr-less mask and alternating phase-shift masks
  • Exposure models (PEC/GDC) and development model

Samsung Semiconductor Service MPW Service