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Introducing the Exynos 4 Quad

May 21, 2012

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We know many of you have been following the online buzz surrounding next-generation quad-core mobile processors and what they can really do. Adapting quad-core technology for mobile devices means we’ll soon be experiencing an unprecedented level of PC-like performance on smartphones and tablets. Gamers and those using graphic-intensive applications will benefit from faster processing speeds and seamless graphics rendering, while multi-taskers can perform several different tasks at once without compromising performance speed. Inefficient quad-core processors consume too much power for users to find these features useful, so the team at Samsung Exynos came up with a low-power solution to solve the problem.

To meet the need for a power-efficient quad-core system, we launched our most powerful processor yet, The Exynos 4 Quad . As the first quad-core in the Exynos line, the 4 Quad gives you high-level performance and low power consumption, making it the logical choice for advanced mobile devices

Powerful yet Power-efficient
Many consumers worry that quad-core technology will give them faster processing at the expense of battery life, but the Exynos 4 Quad was specifically built with power-efficiency in mind. Unlike other mobile processors on the market, the 4 Quad is based on a 32nm High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) process that drastically reduces power leakage. The CPU performs twice as fast as that of the previous Exynos 4 dual, and it consumes 20% less power, so your battery lasts longer. Whether you’re multi-tasking or using an app with advanced graphics, the 1.4 GHz CPU speed means you can expect fast, efficient performance.

Many of you may still be content with your Exynos single-core Galaxy S because it meets most of your needs, runs smoothly and has strong modding support. Why would you need those extra cores? If you multi-task on a regular basis, such as using Skype while running your browser and downloading music, you’re going to wish you had the extra CPU power. How about when you play heavy graphics mobile games? You definitely need powerful quad core to run them smoothly. In many ways, quad-core processors are our stepping stone to the next generation of mobile devices, so overlooking them would be a mistake.

Full HD Video & High-Quality Photos
Thanks to a 1080p playback with multi-format codec (MFC), you can download or watch high-quality, full HD videos on your mobile device without ever needing to encode. This integrated MFC means your phone can play almost any type of video format. Mobile devices with the Exynos 4 Quad will also have amazing picture quality because the processor contains a powerful internal Image Signal Processor (ISP). The ISP consumes less power than other comparable sub-processors, so you can play full HD videos without killing your battery. For those of you who can’t go anywhere without quality content to watch, a 4 Quad-equipped smartphone or tablet is your best bet.

3D Gaming On-the-go
Why buy a portable gaming console when you could have an all-in-one device that offers everything you need? The 4 Quad’s powerful graphics card gives you the ability to enjoy console-like 3D gaming directly on your smartphone. Life-like 3D graphics give you a first-person perspective in all of your favorite games, putting you in the driver’s seat, on the field or behind the crosshairs. Wherever you go, you can get the ultimate experience in 3D gaming on the same device you use for browsing the Web, watching HD movies and taking professional-quality photos.
Learn more about the Exynos 4 Quad and keep up with the latest advancements in mobile processor technology on the Samsung Exynos website

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