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Expedition with Exynos: Exploring San Francisco with the Samsung Galaxy S III

October 09, 2012

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John Velasco

John Velasco, a full-time mobile phone fanatic and editor for Phone Arena , traveled to San Francisco as part of our Expedition with Exynos program. John spent four days and three nights exploring The City by the Bay, using an Exynos-equipped Samsung Galaxy S III as his guide. In this post, John tells us about his first day in San Francisco and how the Galaxy S III helped him stay busy, have some fun, navigate the city and record his adventures along the way.


In all my years of living, it’s kind of hard to imagine that I’ve never traveled to The City by the Bay. Rather, most of the stuff I learned about San Francisco came from watching the hit show “Full House” from long ago. Needless to say, I was thrilled to finally make a journey all the way to the city I grew up watching on television. And what’s coming along for the unique, first-time experience? Well, it’s none other than the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S III with its powerful 1.4GHz quad-core ARM® Cortex™-A9 Exynos processor.

Even before setting foot in San Francisco, there was the matter of making the trek across the country on a 5-hour plus flight through the skies. It was grueling to say the least, especially when you’re confined to such a small amount of real estate, but the Galaxy S III managed to preoccupy a lot of my time during the lengthy trip. Before leaving, I made sure to install a game, Dead Trigger , to give myself something to do during the flight. The handset didn’t seem too tested by the game’s impressive 3D visuals thanks to its quad-core Exynos processor, which boasts a 3D GPU that’s one of the best available in mobile devices. Even better, after spending a majority of time playing the game during the flight, the handset still had more than half of its battery in tow. This high level of power efficiency is a result of the 32nm High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) process on which the Exynos chip is built – a process that makes the Exynos 4 Quad 30% more power-efficient than processors built on the 45nm process.

on the ground, I fired up the handset to connect to the network and get some transit directions to our hotel. Call it coincidence, but guess what was being advertised all around the transit areas on our way to our destination? It was none other than Sammy’s pride and joy, the Galaxy S III! Using Google Maps, we were able to utilize the nifty 3D maps mode to help us (my old college roommate and I) find the location of our hotel around some other high-rise buildings. Graphical movements remained noticeably smooth even when switching from the 2D to 3D view of Google Maps.

After taking a much needed nap to shake off the jetlag, we decided to start our first day in beautiful San Francisco by walking the much talked about Pier 39 area. No doubt, pictures were in full force since the handset was fast enough to load up the camera UI directly from the lock screen. Eventually, we ended the night by simply going to one of the restaurants in the Pier 39 section. All in all, it’s amazing to see how much we relied on the Exynos-equipped Samsung Galaxy S III to get us around on our first day!

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