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    Press Release

    Hello From Exynos

    Press Release

    Spotlight on Exynos 4 Dual 45nm

    April 24, 2012View Comments

    When you think of all the reasons you love your smartphone or tablet, what do you think about? Maybe you think about its amazing graphics, or its lightning-fast speed. Maybe you love all of its great apps or enjoy spending time using it to play games and... Read More

    Press Release

    Always On Performance and Battery Life for Today's Mobile Devices

    by John Kalkman on Oct 19, 2011 View Comments

    As VP of Samsung Semiconductor’s System LSI business, it’s my job to keep a finger on the pulse of cutting-edge processor technology that has the potential to improve application processors and mobile device structures. One company that’s constantly... Read More

    Press Release

    Exynos : The Power Insite the Samsung Galaxy S II

    by John Kalkman on Oct 4, 2011 View Comments

    The Samsung Galaxy S II has finally arrived in the United States, and we here at Samsung Semiconductor couldn’t be more excited. Not only is this device beautifully designed, but it’s also powered by Samsung’s Exynos 4210 processor, making the Galaxy S II ... Read More