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Ciscolive visit

May. 18. 2014 ~ May. 22. 2014 San Francisco, USA
Today, more companies are embracing extremely fast, energy-efficient servers and high-tech components to better support client and server applications along with the virtual and cloud enterprise infrastructures behind them. Learn how our high-performance, power-saving "green" memory is optimizing Cisco UCS servers to boost data center performance that drive initiatives such as: Big Data, VDI and other business critical applications and maximize ROI.

Samsung Speaking Sessions

Maximizing UCS Server Efficiency with Memory and SSDs
Jim Elliott, Corp. VP, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.
Ram Appalaraju, VP, Data Center Product Mgmt. and Marketing, Cisco
Session ID#: BRKPCS-2047
- Dates/Times: Monday, May 19, 2014 – 10:00AM-11:00AM
- Location: Room South 302
- Description: With the Internet of Everything gaining momentum and the cloud exploding in importance, Samsung will examine how Green Memory and enterprise SSDs (solid state drives) will help your UCS-based infrastructure obtain the best TCO results. This presentation will take a close look at why advanced memory and SSDs are able to accelerate the speed of Cisco UCS servers, improve scalability, enhance the efficiency of cloud operations and reduce power consumption. Presenters will highlight the impact of Samsung's DDR3/DDR4 memory and its SAS/SATA SSDs on UCS servers in cloud and virtualized environments with SAP and other database applications. Samsung will underscore the performance-enhancing and power-saving efficiency of the most advanced Green Memory. It will also help you to understand how best to capitalize on the use of new and next-generation (V-NAND) SSDs, within your B460 or other UCS server. In addition, presenters will suggest how data center and Internet managers can use SSDs to make the most of Cisco's upcoming multi-tenant Intercloud infrastructure.
A senior Cisco executive will co-present here, to emphasize the importance of memory and storage, together with UCS Manager and the Cisco Virtual Interface Card, in attaining the highest levels of UCS performance and quality.

Enhancing UCS Efficiency with Green Memory and Enterprise SSDs
Dr. Sylvie Kadivar, Sr. Director, Strategic Marketing, Samsung Semiconductor
- Dates/Times: Wednesday, May 21, 3:00PM-3:15PM
- Location: Cisco booth #1129
- Description: Samsung will discuss how advanced memory and SSDs (solid state drives) will help improve the TCO of your UCS-based infrastructure. It will examine the impact of DDR3 and DDR4 memory, as well as SAS and SATA SSDs, on the performance and power efficiency of UCS servers in cloud and virtualized environments.

Video: DDR4 Memory for the Data Center

In-booth presentations every hour from Cisco, IDT and Samsung.
Daily in-booth prize drawings for a Samsung 840 EVO Series SSD!