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Green Memory in the News

Flash Memory an Essential Component for Green Data Centers: Samsung

Nov. 2. 2012
Flash Memory an Essential Component for Green Data Centers: Samsung SAN JOSE, Calif. - Samsung hosted a CIO Forum here to tout two newly released solid-state drives but also to share industry insights on how to gain energy efficiency and save money by introducing SSD memory into the data center.

The Nov. 1 forum coincided with the release of the Samsung SM843 and SM1625 SSD-also known as flash-memory products. The SM843 reportedly can reduce energy consumption by 28 percent, compared with previous-generation SSDs.

Flash is also more energy-efficient than hard-disk drives, which have to be kept spinning constantly in order to be ready when data needs to be retrieved from them. The attention to flash memory comes amid growing concerns about the wasteful consumption of electricity in data centers.

As little as 6 percent to 12 percent of the energy consumed by data centers actually generates compute cycles, said Jim Elliott, vice president of memory marketing at Samsung Semiconductor, a unit of the South Korea-based Samsung. He cited McKinsey & Co. research quoted in a Sept. 23 article in The New York Times, which he said made the issue of data center energy waste "mainstream."

Elliott said the bulk of data center energy consumption goes to redundancy measures such as keeping extra servers idling in case any of the production servers fail. And older servers use a disproportionate amount of electricity compared with newer ones.

He cited an Intel study that indicated that 4 percent of servers in a typical data center are at least five years old, that they also handle 4 percent of the compute workload but consume 60 percent of the energy that goes to servers. more

Source: eWEEK / By : Robert Mullins