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Green Memory in the News

CES: Samsung touts green memory

Jan. 11. 2013
CES: Samsung touts green memory With the proliferation of connected devices comes a plethora of new challenges, perhaps none more challenging than the strain this puts on the server space.

Indeed, already today, thousands of kilo watts of power are guzzled by memory components in servers alone, not to mention the added demands of storage technology.

Samsung, as a huge player in the entire connected ecosystem, has decided it needs to tackle the problem and at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, was touting its “green memory” to clean up the data center.

For a start, the firm is promoting the use of lower voltage DRAMs and solid-state drives (SSDs) to significantly lower power consumption and energy bills, while reducing the overall carbon footprint of the data center. Why bother? Samsung’s DRAM marketing director Sylvie Kadivar told EE Times the potential savings could be enormous.

“Data centers today worldwide consume some 30 billion watts,” she explained, noting that this was the approximate equivalent to some 30 nuclear power plants.

Kadivar said that with Samsung’s 64GB load reduced DIMMs (LRDIMM), enterprises could significantly slash costs by reducing that power. That can translate into hundreds of thousand of dollars saved per year.

Additionally, said Kadivar, even more savings can be achieved by switching out hard disk drives (HDDs) with SSDs, as the lack of moving parts makes the systems inherently more reliable, cooler and more power efficient.

Kadivar pointed out that the world now boasts over one billion smartphones, a phenomenon that is having a huge effect. “All this content and all these applications are leveraging the enterprise space,” she said.


Source: EETimes / By: Sylvie Barak